Hebrew Press

Summary of Editorials

Yediot Aharonot notes that „approximately 25 residents of Gaza are hospitalized at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon,” and reminds its readers that last Friday, „a Kassam rocket hit Ashkelon and shook the hospital.” The author says, „Outside, there is a war to sow destruction and death, while inside, behind the walls of the hospital, we fight for patients’ lives, regardless of their national origin. If, Heaven forbid, a Kassam falls on the hospital, in Gaza they will certainly cheer the great achievement. Nobody will think for a second about the residents of the Strip who are being cared for there.”
Haaretz writes: „Those seeking to occupy Gaza should be reminded that Israel agreed to the truce because it recognized that the price of a large military operation in Gaza would be intolerably high. In the current situation between Israel and Hamas, there is no choice but to adopt the lesser of two evils and mend the shattered truce. The chorus of people encouraging war provides no reasonable alternative except political sloganeering. They had better listen carefully to the residents of the western Negev, because they know better than anyone what the truce is good for.”
The Jerusalem Post comments on the conflicting statements being made by various Israeli leaders in the face of the current barrage of rockets from Gaza: „The bluster and contradictory pronouncements emanating from Israel’s top echelon haven’t been made to confuse the enemy – they are sadly indicative of our disarray. Nothing is more disheartening to Israel’s citizenry than to witness such disunity when the country is under attack. It may well be unreasonable to expect this caretaker government to solve the Gaza conundrum. It is not unreasonable to ask ministers who will not cooperate in the security cabinet to stop babbling away in public.”
Ma’ariv asserts that the global economic crisis is an excellent opportunity for the Israeli Left „to present a different socio-economic and cultural agenda” to Israeli voters but suggests that „the original sin of focusing almost exclusively on the Palestinian issue is preventing the Left from dealing with Israel’s real problems and from reaching the broader public.”
Yisrael Hayom believes that a unilateral American withdrawal from Iraq would be disastrous and would only embolden radical Islamic terrorists around the world.