Rejuvenation: The Ukrainian Steps of Jabotinsky

Rejuvenation: The Ukrainian Steps of Jabotinsky


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This Week on Rejuvenation:The Ukrainian Steps of Jabotinsky

Revisionism expert Yisrael Medad just led a group from the Menachem Begin Center to Ukraine to learn about Zev Jabotinsky via sites in his early life. He and Eve discuss the intriguing personalities who helped shaped Israel, what Kiev and Odessa are like, Babi Yar, uncovering archives and many other things.

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VIDEO: Six Days of Miracles

An exciting and uplifting historic short movie, highlighting the miraculous events of the Six Day War, and emphasizing the Divine hand orchestrating these remarkable events from behind the scenes. The movie is based on the book entitled „The Six-Day War Scroll„. The Mizrachi World Movement has partnered with the author of the Hebrew edition Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi and the Sifriyat Beit El publishing house in bringing this new Hebrew/English edition to the English-speaking world.

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Eve Harow is a veteran radio personality and has been involved in many kinds of pro-Israel activity since before her Aliya from California in 1988. She is the Director of Tourism for the One Israel Fund, a busy and active private tour guide and on the Board of several Israeli organizations. Eve served two 5-year terms as elected councilwoman in Efrat in Judea, where she and her husband raised 7 children. Passionate about her people, land and faith, Eve is a popular speaker on Israel around the world.

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