WJC News Brief – Greek Jewish community to hold ‘silent protest’ over anti-Semitism

WJC News Brief – Greek Jewish community to hold ‘silent protest’ over anti-Semitism

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11 MAY 2018
Key WJC Activities
World Jewish Congress urges people worldwide to support Greek Jews: “There is no room in Greek society for anti-Semitism” 
WJC launches social media campaign to help bolster Greek Jewish community’s ‘silent protest’ following repeated anti-Semitic acts.
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On visit to Estonia, WJC CEO Robert Singer urges authorities to ‘act swiftly and vigorously’ against all signs of extremism
WJC takes part in community celebration marking 30 years since the revival of Jewish life in the country, 70 since the creation of the State of Israel, and 100 since the rebirth of Estonia as an independent country.
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Israel, 70 years young: WJC Jewish Diplomats reflect on 70th anniversary mission to Israel
The World Jewish Congress hosted in Israel last month more than 100 members of its flagship program the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps (WJC JDCorps)
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Current Focus Areas
ANTI-SEMITISMAnti-Semitic crime increases in Germany 
The number of anti-Semitic crimes in Germany rose by 2.5 percent last year despite an overall drop in politically motivated crimes, statistics show.
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Blood and mud poured on Netherlands Holocaust monument
The blood was discovered shortly after the May 4 Memorial Day on the monument in Utrecht, 20 miles east of Amsterdam.
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Austrian authorities under pressure to block annual pro-Nazi gathering
The May 14 event in Bleiburg, in southern Austria, has featured flags and symbols of the Ustasha, militiamen of Croatia’s fascist puppet regime during World War II.
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UN chief calls for Iran and Israel to cease hostilities 
Israel’s defense minister Friday called on President Bashar Assad to „get rid” of Iranian forces in Syria, warning their continued presence would only cause trouble..
Associated Press
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Iran vows to restart nuclear program if deal collapses
Iranian FM Zarif accuses Trump of „ignorance and folly” and said American foreign policy had „dragged the Middle East into chaos.”
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Trudeau says Canada will apologize for turning away Nazi-era ship of Jews 
In a well-received speech to a sold-out Jewish fundraising event, Trudeau said the decision by Canada to force the
German ocean liner „MS St. Louis” to return to Europe was a blight on our collective past.
Canadian Press/CTVNews
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Remembering Rabbi Aaron Panken
Rabbi Aaron Panken, the president of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, died tragically in a plane crash this past Saturday,
By Menachem Z. Rosensaft
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With roots in Latin America, Hezbollah is the real terror threat in our hemisphere 
The West must prevent this terrorist group and its patron and principal funder, the government of Iran, from building its strategic base in Central and South America, WJC CEO Robert Singer writes in Miami Herald.
Miami Herald
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Iran and Israel have little incentive to hurry down the path to war
Latest attacks unlikely to ignite all-out conflict – but spark could come from a miscalculation, writes Martin Chulov.
The Guardian
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