Jew Sues after Eating Bacon (at Denny’s) | Pay & Go Emigration Plan | ShaBus | Reclaiming Jerusalem | Munich

Jew Sues after Eating Bacon (at Denny’s) | Pay & Go Emigration Plan | ShaBus | Reclaiming Jerusalem | Munich | Supreme Gabbaim Council | Palestinian Settler-Colonialism

| – Sept. 6, 2017


September 6, 2017 / 15 Elul 5777

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Easy Tzedakah Opportunity

Send a Kosher Salami to Houston

Jewish Press Staff
For every Abeles & Heymann kosher salami you purchase for a family, Abeles & Heymann will match your purchase by sending an additional salami to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Headlines & Recommended
Bacon Emerging as Latest Villain in Lawsuits Against US Restaurants

Instead of accepting a free omelet, the offended Jewish woman is suing Denny’s for breach of contract and negligent representation, and is asking for monetary damages for emotional and physical distress from having eaten bacon.

Chicago Jewish Deli Owner Posts Weird Nazi Salute on Menu, Starts WW3

David Israel
Morelli, who admits that his own family members are having trouble understanding his ideas, invites anyone who disagrees with him to come to his deli, sit down and talk about it.

MK Smotrich: Pay for Voluntary Arab Immigration – Kill Hope for Palestinian State

David Israel
„Today, 20,000 Palestinians leave the West Bank every year. Their own surveys show that 30% aspire to emigrate. I will help them carry this out, fairly, with full monetary compensation.”

Jerusalem Shabbat Public Transportation Project in Danger of Closing

David Israel
The main contributor to the ShaBus project has ceased all his support, because of his own financial trouble.

IDF Begins Largest Military Drill in 19 Years

Hana Levi Julian
One of the simulations involves an initial attack by the guerrilla group via an “invasion” by dozens of IDF fighters infiltrating border towns.

Hezbollah Says ‘Ready for Any Israeli Stupidity’

Hana Levi Julian
“The Israelis won’t succeed in surprising us because Israel knows all too well about Hezbollah’s capabilities after the loss it suffered in 2006.”

Red Cross Senior Meets Hamas Boss on Israeli Captives

David Israel
The meeting, which was attended by other members of Hamas’s leadership group, continued for an hour and concluded without official statements to the media.

Report: Tel Aviv Becoming R&D Mecca for Corporate Giants

Visa, Barclays, Amazon, Renault and Bosch have joined more than 70 international R&D centers in Tel Aviv, a city where one out of every 10 jobs is in the high-tech sector.

US Jewish Kids’ Social Media Campaign Helps Feed Hungry Israeli Schoolchildren

David Israel
According to the Israeli government’s National Insurance Institute, there are 776,500 children living below the poverty line in Israel.

Cultural Appropriation

Dovid Ben-Meir
When I was a kid they hadn’t invented „cultural appropriation” yet. Instead we were allowed to take anything from any culture, since all humanity was one big family, and imitating someone was a high sign of respect. Since then copying something from another culture has supposedly become an alleged crime against humanity, somehow.

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Super Target
Yishai explores how to walk into a Super Target with warrior eyes and find sparks of holiness in all that materialism. Plus: lawyer Marc Zell fights anti-Israel lawfare which seeks to undermine the Jewish narrative.

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Police Remove Arab Family from Reclaimed Jewish Home in Eastern Jerusalem
The land and the home belonged to Jews who lived there before the 1948 War of Independence, but as is the case in many other eastern Jerusalem homes, Arabs took control of the Jewish properties after harming the Jewish owners who fled in invading Jordanian Legion.
Senior PA Security Official Arrested, Charged for Incitement
The suspect also posted photos of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann alongside expressions of longing for men like them.
President Rivlin Recalls Olympic Massacre in ahead of Munich Memorial Inauguration
First Lady Nechama Rivlin met with the Minister-President’s wife, Mrs. Karin Seehofer, together with Israel Prize Laureate for Sport Esther Roth-Shahamorov, who was part of the Israeli delegation in 1972.
On Eve of Visit to Munich, Rivlin Warns ‘There Still Those Who See Massacre of Sportsmen as Heroic Act’
„There can be no apologizing for terror. Terror must be condemned unequivocally, everywhere.”
Palestinian Authority’s ‘Presidential Palace’ Morphing to National Library
Mahmoud Abbas „believes the palace should be used for public benefit by turning it into a huge national library.”
New Poll: Arabs Pessimistic about Trump’s Help But Believe in Negotiations
Even though almost 55% of respondents believe the peace process should be resumed, some 80% believe it is dead.
Finance Ministry Opposes Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot-Igud Merger
Unlike the Banking Regulator, the Ministry of Finance thinks the merger will reduce competition in the banking industry.
A First: IAI National Strategic SIGINTCenter Fuses Data Integration from All Sensors
The Center provides unparalleled operational benefits such as increased SIGINT mission availability using ad-hoc sensors on various platforms, as well as a dramatic increase of SIGINT ‘Probability Of Intercept’ (POI) and accuracy.
Haifa, Berlin Scientists Discover Connection between Pottery Vessel and the Development of the Elites
Researchers believe a unique pottery vessel dating back some 7,200 years ago was used to ensure that certain people or groups could better maintain their ability to store large quantities of crops.
Hurricane Irma Heads West Towards Puerto Rico, Then Florida
Hurricane Irma is the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. President [Donald] Trump already declared a pre-landfall emergency for the entire state of Florida.
Israeli ZAKA Volunteers Working with Jewish, Christian Communities on Recovery from Hurricane Harvey
After an initial briefing with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and with the Orthodox Union which is coordinating the volunteers within the Jewish community in Houston, the ZAKA team set out to work.
4 UK Soldiers Charged With Neo-Nazi, Terror Activities
„We can confirm that a number of serving members of the Army have been arrested under the Terrorism Act for being associated with a proscribed far right group.”
Health Alert: Salmonella Bacteria Found in Egg-Laying Chicken Coop
The Health Ministry urges everyone, “When in doubt, throw it out.”
Watch: Spanish, Moroccan Police Capture Jihadist Cell in Both Countries
Spanish and Moroccan police squads eliminated the six-member jihadist terror cell, the ministry’s report elaborated. Five of the terrorists were arrested in Morocco, and one in Spain.
Two Russians Killed as ISIS Launches Counter Raids in Eastern Syria
This ISIS counter attack follows dozens of raids by Russian and US-led coalition warplanes on the areas controlled by ISIS in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor city.

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Palestinian Settler-Colonialism

The concept of “settler colonialism” has been applied with almost unique vehemence against Israel. The application of the concept to Jews and Zionism by Palestinians is both ironic and unhelpful.

Center For Jewish History New CEO MUST Be Fired For Radical Viewpoints

Hank Sheinkopf, George Birnbaum, Ronn Torossian
How can supposed ‘leaders’ of the Jewish community and its resources support BDS or stand against the ‘occupation’? They CAN’T have these twisted views and represent Jews. They must be fired.

Hurricane Harvey by the Numbers

Commentary Magazine
During Hurricane Harvey, about 27 trillion gallons of water fell from the skies. That’s 27 followed by 12 zeroes.

UN Chief Guterres, the Media and Palestinian Fake News

Bassam Tawil
The minimum the UN chief and his aides could have done is to call out the PA leadership and condemn it for the ambush and the fabricated report from the official Palestinian news agency. Palestinians, as usual, were given a pass.

Why France Turned a Blind Eye to the Murder of Sarah Halimi

Middle East Forum
The French mainstream media didn’t mention the Halimi killing for two days and has been reluctant to call it an act of anti-Semitism

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First Temple-era Seals with Biblical Names in Hebrew Discovered in Jerusalem
Elder of Ziyon
Elder of Ziyon
The latest stunning finds from excavations at the City of David…
Cultural Appropriation
Dovid Ben-Meir
Dovid Ben-Meir
When I was a kid they hadn’t invented „cultural appropriation” yet. Instead we were allowed to take anything from any culture, since all humanity was one big family, and imitating someone was a high sign of respect. Since then copying something from another culture has supposedly become an alleged crime against humanity, somehow.
Israel’s ‘Secret Sauce’
Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story
Forest Rain
There is one thing that Israelis universally recognize and define as “that is Israel”: Israel’s Secret Sauce–LOVE
Shiloh Musings: Why is The Israeli Supreme Court Supporting Criminals?
Shiloh Musings
Batya Medad
Israel’s Supreme Court by equating illegal aliens with Jews who tried to flee the Nazi regime, claim that welcoming the illegals is what Judaism teaches. Such a comparison shows no accurate knowledge of history and less of Judaism.

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BULLETPROOF – WW3 Does NOT Break Out After Jewish MKs Ascend the Temple Mount

Israel News Talk Radio
‘Nothing new under the sun’.

The Danger Zone – North Korea And The Israel Connection

The Danger Zone with Gadi Adelman
Israel News Talk Radio
North Korea is bad news, even for Israel.

A Hebrew in the Heartland – Israel Support to Houston

A Hebrew in the Heartland
Israel News Talk Radio
Israel goes out to the American people affected by Hurricane Harvey.