Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak at 12th Annual Herzliya Conference

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak at 12th Annual Herzliya Conference on Iran: “Those who say later may find later is too late”


The Middle East’s leading security & policy gathering concluded today at the IDC Herzliya Campus



“Every move has a high and sometime irreversible price” said keynote speaker Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, at the 12th annual Herzliya conference, but “those who say later may find that later is too late” he added discussing Iran. Minister Barak stressed that we are not alone as he said that “the world today has no doubts of the danger of a nuclear Iran to the Middle East and the economic, defense and security of the entire world. It is crucial to stop Iran from becoming nuclear” Barak stated firmly. At troubled times such as these we need “a strong leadership that can make decisions and carry them out. If we formulate such a leadership and stand united behind it, we can take on any challenge”


Earlier in a panel entitled “In the Eye of the Storm”, Maj. General (res.) Danny Rothschild, Chairman of the Herzliya Conference, Maj. General (res.) Ilan Biran, Former Director General of the Ministry of Defense and Lt. General. (res.) Danny Haloutz, Former Chief of the IDF General Staff discussed national security. Rothschild began by explaining the different components of our security being “Israel’s international standing in the world, this year being a very problematic year as both the US and Europe were concerned with their own problems”. The second component was “the ability of the situation to change” as last year proved “that the situation around can change far faster than our ability to respond”.  Rothschild stated that in these times “I’m certain that part of the answers that in the past we had to mobilize maximum military force for we can do now by clicking “Enter”.”


Biran took a stronger approach claiming “the collaboration between deterrence, society, and economy is crucial”. “There are no choices” said Biran firmly “you have to attack while you defend”. He then offered what he thought was the best solution to the situation “Efficient deterrence is the answer. That will stop war”.  Former Chief of Staff Haloutz concluded by saying that “if we need to take steps and if it is imposed upon us, we should use as much force as possible in order to deter and show we have an iron fist”.



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