Yediot Ahronot faults the Dalai Lama for not more forcefully urging Hamas to renounce violence and recognize Israel even as he urged Israel to accept the Hamas victory in the recent Palestinian Authority elections. The editors also refer to the Danish cartoon controversy and question why it is the cartoonists, and not the, „jihadists”, who must apologize for hurting Muslims’ feelings: „Those who were murdered in the name of Islam have no feelings because their body parts are buried deep in the ground in New York, London, Madrid, Bali, Djerba and Jerusalem.” Hatzofeh asserts that, „Extremist elements like Iran have begun to stir the pot and are helping Hamas to establish its administration,” and doubts whether Abu Mazen will – as some are hoping – be able to eventually call for new elections that Fatah would presumably win.

HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. DESPITE RISE OF HAMAS, SECURITY COORDINATION WILL CONTINUE. Abu Mazen: We will consider joining Hamas government; Russia offers emergency assistance to PA. 2. MUBARAK REFUSES TO MEET IN EGYPT WITH HAMAS LEADERS. 3. RIGHT-WING PARTIES DOING EVERYTHING TO FIGHT KADIMA. And now: Thousands of right-wing volunteers to visit 250,000 homes. 4. PERES: NO REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LABOR AND KADIMA. Netanyahu pushes Central Committee members to switch to general primaries within two months. HATZOFEH 1. (…). ABUSE OF PATIENTS AT EITANIM HOSPITAL. (…). 2. „GAZA RESIDENTS STORING FOOD DUE TO FEAR OF ISRAELI SIEGE.” Thus Al-Hayat newspaper claimed yesterday. Emirates newspaper: „Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt to support Hamas. Entry of workers from Gaza Strip to continue until formation of Palestinian government. 3. ASSESSMENT IN JERUSALEM: HAMAS GOVERNMENT TO BE ESTABLISHED ONLY AFTER ISRAELI ELECTIONS. Today: Abu Mazen to ask Ismail Haniyeh to form Palestinian government. Hamas prefers waiting until government is formed in Israel – in order to decide question of responsibilities with Abu Mazen. Islamic Jihad will support Hamas government but not participate in it. 3. IDF DRONE FELL IN PALESTINIAN TERRITORY – AND ITS EQUIPMENT WAS LOOTED. IDF success in Operation Northern Lights in Balata refugee camp – three terrorists eliminated in against terrorist infrastructures. 4. LIKUD CENTRAL COMMITTEE TO BE ASKED TO APPROVE GIVING UP SELECTION OF MKS. 5. BANK OF ISRAEL GOVERNOR: INTEREST RATE TO REMAIN UNCHANGED. 6. THREE GALILEE RESIDENTS ARRESTED FOR SELLING WEAPONS TO TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. 7. RETIRED IDF COLONEL IN COMPLAINT TO POLICE INVESTIGATIONS DEPT.: POLICEMEN INJURED ME. MA’ARIV 1. Israel: We will respond harshly if Hamas releases Zeevy’s murderers. ALLIANCE OF HATE. „Continue fighting Israel,” Iranian President Ahmadinejad told Hamas leader Khaled Mashal at warm Tehran meeting. Mashal’s deputy, Abu Marzook, surprised: „Israel – existing fact.” 2. „PRIMARIES ARE WORTH SIX MANDATES.” Netanyahu: Central Committee must give up power. I will raise this repeatedly until I succeed. Central Committee members: Even Sharon did not hurt us this way. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Terrorism summit: Iranian spiritual leader advises Hamas leaders: „CONTINUE JIHAD AGAINST ZIONISTS, ONLY THUS WILL YOU SUCCEED.” Iran promises financial assistance to Hamas. Contacts to bring Fatah into Palestinian unity government. 2. NETANYAHU: LIKUD CENTRAL COMMITTEE LOSING US FIVE MANDATES. Announced move to eliminate Central Committee’s power due to its corrupt public image. Central Committee members: His situation is desperate and he is preparing an alibi for failure at our expense. 3. MK BENNY ELON FIGHTING CANCER. Malignant growth discovered on National Union MK’s vocal cords. Radiotherapy to start next week. Elon: Treatment will require me to rest more but I am optimistic, I will win. 4. SAD BIRTHDAY FOR SHARON. Confidants unsure on how to celebrate his 78th birthday next week. BPI-info ______________________________