HA’ARETZ 1. HANEGBI: I WILL NOT RESIGN DESPITE MAZUZ’S RECOMMENDATION. 2. In wake of Ha’aretz investigation: STATE COMPTROLLER EXAMINING SALE OF OLMERT HOME TO BILLIONAIRE ABRAMS. HATZOFEH 1. Lindenstrauss examining suspicions regarding improper real estate deal by Olmert. „OLMERT’S HOUSE” – UNDER INVESTIGATION BY STATE COMPTROLLER. Suspicion: Olmert sold Talbiyeh home for $2.7 million – price suspected to be exaggerated – to capital baron Daniel Abrams but continued to live there in return for low rent. Possible that this is banned benefit. 2. MAZUZ: HANEGBI CANNOT SERVE AS MINISTER. Suggests that he resign in wake of decision to indict him in political appointments affair. 3. IDF ALLOWS EXTREME LEFT-WING WOMEN TO BRIEF SOLDIERS AT CHECKPOINTS. 4. YAALON: DISENGAGEMENT LED TO HAMAS VICTORY. 5. „NEW RIGHT” – IN ASPIRATION TO REPLACE GOVERNMENT. 6. SHIRAT YAM EXPELLEES TO MOVE TO ANOTHER TEMPORARY SITE: HEMDAT. 7. POLICE OFFICER TO STAND TRIAL FOR ATTACKING DEMONSTRATOR. 8. ALLOWED FOR PUBLICATION: PALESTINIAN INTELLIGENCE PERSONNEL RESPONSIBLE FOR MURDER OF IDF SOLDIER. MA’ARIV 1. Olmert demands from Lindenstrauss: Finish inquiry this week. STATE COMPTROLLER TO EXAMINE SALE OF OLMERT HOME. $2.7 million: This is what billionaire Danny Abrams paid for Jerusalem home. Olmert is continuing to live there in exchange for $2,250 monthly rent. State Comptroller to examine whether rent is too low and price was exaggerated. 2. MAZUZ: NEGBI NEEDS TO RESIGN. 3. LIEBERMAN INITIATING: DEATH PENALTY FOR TERRORISTS. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Silvan Shalom and Yisrael Katz boycotting Netanyahu’s steps against Central Committee. BATTLE AMONG LIKUD LEADERSHIP: SENIOR MEMBERS VS. NETANYAHU. Two former ministers noticeable by their absence from conference at which Likud Chairman presented his initiative to choose party list in primaries. 2. Response to hate speeches: ISRAELIS BEGINNING LEGAL STRUGGLE AGAINST IRANIAN PRESIDENT. Today: Israeli human rights organization to file criminal suit against President Ahmadinejad in German Federal Constitutional Court. Charges: Holocaust denial, damaging victims’ memory, incitement to racism and hatred, and violation of UN Charter. ______________________________

SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh discusses a complaint filed by an IDF reserve colonel against the police involved in the recent violent evacuation of illegal structures at the Samarian settlement outpost of Amona. Yediot Ahronot commends Likud Chairman MK Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to end the Likud Central Committee’s current power to choose the Likud Knesset list and asserts that, „A major and important part of the Likud’s expected defeat in the coming elections, it is possible, necessary and permitted to attribute to the Likud Central Committee and the conduct of some of its members.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, notes how quickly Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has faded from the public consciousness.