HA’ARETZ 1. SHARON: NETANYAHU’S RESIGNATION WILL NOT FOIL DISENGAGEMENT. Finance Minister resigns due to opposition to disengagement; Ehud Olmert appointed acting replacement. The surprise: „Note my resignation, here’s the letter,” Netanyahu told Sharon at Cabinet meeting. The pretext: „In 50-100 years, I want it to be said unequivocally that I was not party to disengagement.” The stock exchange – sharp decline in wake of resignation, Maof declined by 5.2%. Knesset: Assessment – Sharon lacks majority to pass budget, elections to be brought forward to early 2006. The Disengagement: Cabinet approves evacuation of isolated communities. 2. POVERTY REPORT TO BE PUBLISHED TODAY; ASSESSMENT THAT NUMBER OF POOR ROSE TO 1.5 MILLION. 3. 10-YEAR-OLD BOY SERIOUSLY WOUNDED IN WEST BANK TERRORIST ATTACK. Fatah group takes responsibility for shooting, claims revenge for Shfaram terrorist attack. 4. Reenactment of events in Shfaram: Thus Jewish terrorist was killed. SEVERAL POLICEMEN LEFT BUS AND THEN ONE YOUTH SHOUTED: „HE’S FINISHED.” HATZOFEH 1. „Government has been struck with blindness and is endangering security” – moment before start of racist transfer, Netanyahu surprises Sharon – and resigns from Government. NEW HOPE. Nobody expected Netanyahu’s move. Government was completely surprised when Finance Minister put his letter of resignation on Cabinet table, took his briefcase and left. In his letter, Netanyahu accused PM of endangering country’s security, said Government had been struck with blindness, and added that he didn’t want to be party to it. Ministers: Sharon was dumbfounded. But after approximately five hours, Sharon decided: Finance Ministry to Olmert. Stock exchange declined. In effort to calm economy, PM spoke with Bank of Israel Governor and announced: Netanyahu’s economic policy will continue. Right commends move and hopes that resignation will lead to cancellation of expulsion. In meantime: Limor Livnat and Tzahi Hanegbi voted against implementation of transfer – which passed Cabinet yesterday. „Orange Cell” students and Likud Central Committee members hold demonstrations in support of Netanyahu 2. RABBI SHAPIRA TO RABBI WEISS: DON’T BE PARTY TO TRANSGRESSION. Former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira sent letter to IDF Chief Rabbi Weiss following Rabbi Weiss’s interview in IDF weekly Bamahane, in which latter claimed that former had not ordered him to take off his uniform. In response, Rabbi Shapira sent letter. IDF Rabbi Lt. Amital Bareli indicted for calling on soldiers not to implement racist expulsion. 3. LYNCH DOCUMENTED: MURDERER WAS ABANDONED TO THE MOB. Edan Zada laid to rest in Rishon LeZion cemetery. 4. 10-YEAR-OLD BOY SERIOUSLY WOUNDED IN SHOOTING ATTACK NEAR OFRA. MA’ARIV 1. Netanyahu effect: Stock market nosedived, dollar jumped. Ma’ariv-Teleseker poll: Sharon – 47%, Netanyahu – 28%. DISENGAGED. Yesterday: Finance Minister dropped bomb on PM. „I resign, I am not prepared to be party to irresponsible move.” Concern in Likud: Party on verge of split. Sharon, last night: Disengagement to be take place on time. 2. NEXT FINANCE MINISTER: EHUD OLMERT. 3. RABIN SQUARE TO GO ORANGE. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Last night, Yediot Ahronot/Mina Tzemach/Dahaf poll – 47% claim that Netanyahu was motivated by political/personal interests. NETANYAHU DISENGAGES. Netanyahu sprang surprise and Sharon didn’t blink. Immediately after resigning, Finance Minister declared that he would not be party to disengagement; PM gave Finance portfolio to Olmert. Olmert’s confidants: No upheavals. 2. FROM CEMETERY TO ADMINISTRATIVE DETENTION. Three friends of Edan Natan-Zada arrested after his funeral: Ephraim Hershkovitz, Gilad Shohat and Saadya Hershkov. Kach leaders: This is witch-hunt. ______________________________ Yediot Ahronot reminds former Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that. 1.5 million Israelis live below the poverty line and suggests that he visit some of them. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, suggests that the Finance Ministry should deduct the costs of securing the anti-disengagement rallies from the budgets given to settlements, not the security establishment. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, assets that, „The most important thing is for us to internalize the fact that our democracy is in danger of being lynched. Only if we focus on foiling this attack, which comes from within us, will we not be compelled to revisit the same failures and the same excuses.” Yediot Ahronot, in its fourth editorial, says that Edan Natan Zada brought his lynching on himself and suggest that he and Yigal Amir sought, „to carry out a lynch on the diplomatic process by perpetrating a political murder.” Hatzofeh strongly condemns both the murders that were perpetrated by Edan Natan Zada and the silence over his lynching by an enraged Shfaram mob. The editors call for those who carried out the lynch to be brought to justice. BPI-info