Iraqis to assume legal custody of Saddam tomorrow

Iraqis to assume legal custody of Saddam tomorrow However, former dictator to remain in US prison. Meanwhile, wave of attacks in Iraq continues unabated. Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi announced today (Tuesday) that legal custody of former dictator Saddam Hussein will be transferred to the new Iraqi regime tomorrow. Hussein is expected to face an indictment at an Iraqi court a day later. Allawi promised that legal proceedings against Saddam will be open and transparent. The former dictator will face charges of war crimes, including genocide. Another 11 former senior officials will face trial as well. Saddam’s trial is slated to begin long months from now, and according to the Iraqi interior minister he could be represented by a foreign attorney if he so chooses. For the time being, however, Hussein will remain in a US prison in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the wave of attacks in Iraq continues: A day after sovereignty was transferred to the interim government, attacks on the US army and the Iraqi police still occur with alarming regularity. An Iraqi police officer and a civilian were killed in an attack on a police station 35 kilometers south of Baghdad. At the same time, a roadside charge exploded next to US Marines in Baghdad. The number of casualties is still unknown. One solider at the scene said, “We are only trying to help. I don’t know why the terrorists are trying to kill us”. This morning, an unknown terrorist organization called the Islamic Reaction, reportedly executed US Army Pfc. Keith Matthew Maupin, who was captured in April. Al-Jazeera television broadcast a video of the execution. The tape shows an armed man firing a single bullet into another man, wearing US army fatigues. The victim was filmed from the back. US officials have not confirmed that it was indeed Maupin. They did confirm that they are in contact with his family about the tape. BPI.-info