HEADLINES & EDITORIALS 29 Jun 2004 HA’ARETZ 1. TWO KILLED IN KASSAM FIRE AT SDEROT, INCLUDING TODDLER; ISRAEL: WILL BE HARSH RESPONSE. First deadly Kassam rocket attack; toddler’s mother seriously wounded; Sderot residents accuse: MDA arrived late. 2. IDF DUG AROUND OUTPOST IN WAKE OF INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION – BUT TUNNEL WASN’T LOCATED. HATZOFEH 1. Afik Zahavi, 4, and Mordechai Yosopov, 49 – killed yesterday in Sderot. Zahavi’s mother and seven other residents wounded. “I ASK THE JEWISH PEOPLE – DON’T BE SILENT,” says father of Afik Zahavi. Yesterday, at around 08:00, volley of three Kassam rockets landed on Sderot. Rocket which landed next to kindergarten struck Afik Zahavi, who was going to kindergarten with his mother, and Mordechai Yosopov, who was taking his grandson to kindergarten. Two Kassam rocket casualties laid to rest in Sderot. Following security discussion, was decided that IDF would respond to this action. 2. AS ROCKETS WERE FALLING – SHARON BESMIRCHED TERROR VICTIMS. Said that residents who oppose racist transfer – would receive less compensation. 3. SOLDIER WHO WAS KILLED HAD WARNED ABOUT NOISES UNDER OUTPOST. Father of deceased St.-Sgt. Roi Nissim said that his son had warned a month ago about strange sounds under outpost but nothing was done. IDF Spokesperson said in response that matter was still being checked. Nissim, 20, laid to rest in Rishon Letzion cemetery. 4. ISRAELI YOUTH FREEZES TO DEATH DURING ICELAND OUTING. MA’ARIV 1. After 350 rockets and missiles – two killed in Sderot. LUCK RAN OUT. Sderot, 08:15 – two Kassam rockets land near kindergarten. Afik Zahavi-Ohayon, 4, who had arrived with his mother – was killed. Mother seriously wounded. Mordechai Yosopov, who had taken his grandson to kindergarten, also hit by deadly fire. After midnight: IDF deploys to enter Beit Hanoun in Gaza Strip. 2. ISRAELI FREEZES TO DEATH ON ICELAND GLACIER. 3. FIRST TIME IN ISRAEL: 64-YEAR-OLD WOMAN GIVES BIRTH. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Kassam rocket Afik, 3, in Sderot. ON THE WAY TO KINDERGARTEN. (…). IDF deployed for retaliatory – also for death of St.-Sgt. Roi Nissim, 20, in tunnel bomb. 2. 64-YEAR-OLD WOMAN GIVES BIRTH. (…). 3. [MK YOSSI] SARID TO BE OPERATED ON TODAY TO REMOVE BENIGN GROWTH FROM HIS BRAIN.

______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss yesterday’s Kassam rocket attack on Sderot, in which a three-year-old boy and a 49-year-old man were murdered: Hatzofeh asserts that the attack, “again proves that the PLO, hand in hand with the extreme terrorist organization of Islamic Jihad, is running a war against residents of the State of Israel inside the ‘Green Line.’” The editors urge the government to respond strongly to this attack. Yediot Ahronot says, “Afik Zahavi-Ohayon…was the 109th Israeli minor to be murdered during the current intifada.” The paper remarks that, “There is no point in bringing such data to the Palestinians, because they will wave their suffering in front of us. More than 500 out of almost 3,000 Palestinians killed since September 2000 have been under the age of 18” and argues that each side is steeped in its own pain and suffering. “Each side views the other as a heartless monster that murders without distinction and only wants to destroy and humiliate it. Each side carries out its actions as part of an unending cycle of response and revenge.” The editors blame the leaders of each side for providing no hope or vision and argue that while the disengagement plan is unlikely to bring about real peace, “There is nobody who extols the alternative vision of negotiations and talks, the only way that there is hope to end the war.”