WJC President Amb. Ronald S. Lauder: A call for Jewish unity

WJC President Amb. Ronald S. Lauder: A call for Jewish unity

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I am speaking to you today, not just as president of the World Jewish Congress. I am speaking to you as a Jew, a Jew deeply concerned for my fellow Jews in Israel and for the future of the Jewish State.

The images we have watched over this past weekend, the obscene crimes against old people, women, and children must never be forgotten. What were they doing? They were asleep in their beds. They were driving their cars. They were at a music festival. This was an unprovoked and premeditated attack with the sole purpose of killing as many Jews as they could. Babies in cribs, mothers, grandmothers. Anyone they could find.

Jews are being slaughtered for one reason — because they are Jews. This is a time for unity within our people. This is a time to stand with our fellow Jews.

Make no mistake, anyone responsible for aiding, abetting, and supplying Hamas will be held to account. Anyone who helped, encouraged, or turned a blind eye to these obscene killers will not be forgotten. Too many families are now burying loved ones. Sons and daughters, fathers, mothers, and grandparents. Let them know they are in our hearts and in our prayers. Israel will prevail.

In spite of everything we have seen, Israel and Jewish people will survive. Now let us stand together as one people, one united people. God bless you all.

Am Yisrael Chai.


Ronald S. Lauder