Terror Attack in the Old City of Jerusalem by Two Muslim Kids

Israel to Forbid Omar & Tliab From Entering the Country

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Terror Attack in the Old City of Jerusalem by Two Muslim Kids
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Click here to watch: Terror Attack in the Old City of Jerusalem by Two Muslim Kids

This is sick and sad on so many levels.

Click here to watch


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Redemption is on its way, and the proof just walked by the Western Wall
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LIVE BLOG UPDATE Muslim Rioting on The Temple Mount on the Day Jews Mourn its Destruction

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House Republicans indicate openness to alternatives to two-state solution

“The world is constantly changing. Look at Lebanon. Look at Syria. Things are always in flux in these areas, so how can we choose a solution now without knowing what’s going to happen in a few years?” posed House of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

Israel’s Home Front Command revolutionizes ability to respond to multiple national emergencies

The creation of a real-time situational map allows decision-makers to see which parts of the country are in most urgent need of assistance, displaying more than 250 layers of data.

Jewish millenials addresses ways to counter anti-Semitism online

Allowing anti-Semitic rhetoric to go unchecked leads to an emboldening of such dangerous dialogue. The goal is to call out anti-Semitism when it rears its head—on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular mediums.

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Shalom from Jerusalem!
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