Hamas attacks Fatah at Gaza Funeral (they just don’t get along with anyone)

Hamas attacks Fatah at Gaza Funeral (they just don’t get along with anyone) | Jewish Kill List in California | Another Ahad Tamimi Violent Video | No Massacre at Deir Yassin 



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All Lined Up

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They can’t seem to get along with anyone…
Hamas Attacks Funeral of Dead Gaza Teenager, Wounding Fatah Officials

„The dismantling of the tent and shooting inside it and the intimidation of the citizens and the attack on the leadership of Fatah in the northern Gaza Strip and wounding them was a departure from national values.”

Goldin Family: No Gaza Burial for Hamas Engineer Until IDF Soldiers Returned

TPS / Tazpit News Agency
The family of an IDF soldier whose body has been held in Gaza for nearly four years has demanded that Israel prevent Hamas from holding a mass funeral for Fadi al-Batsh.

Another Firebomb Kite from Gaza Torches Farmland in Southern Israel

Hana Levi Julian
The burning kite ignited a blaze in an agricultural field in the Gaza Belt area.

Next Friday’s Gaza Border Rally Theme: Old Shoes

David Israel
Throwing shoes at an enemy is an old Arab tradition, as former president GW Bush learned on a visit to Iraq.

Liberman Says Hamas to Blame for Death of Gaza Teen (video)

Hana Levi Julian
„Hamas places young children, teenagers and women, at the forefront of the riots to serve as human shields for the Hamas agenda.”

Headlines & Recommended
California Man Made Kill List of his Jewish Neighbors

David Israel
Rose was turned in by a family member in whom he confided about his desire to kill Jews.

More Ahed Tamimi Violence, New Video Comes to Light

Hana Levi Julian
Suddenly teenage Tamimi transforms into a veritable little spitfire, shrieking and screaming, pushing and punching the chests of the soldiers.

New Book: Irgun and Arab Propaganda Inflated Deir Yassin Casualty Figures

„For reasons of psychological warfare, the Irgun reported that 200 Arabs had been killed, double the real number.”

Netanyahu ‘Not Impressed’ By IranianForeign Minister’s Words

Hana Levi Julian
„There’s a huge gap between his words and the deeds of the Revolutionary Guards who are advancing an army against Israel with the stated goal of destroying the State of Israel.”

Iran Threatens Boosting Nuclear Program If US Quits Deal

David Israel
On Friday, Zarif warned the US that it would “regret” leaving the nuclear deal, because Tehran’s response would be “unpleasant” to America.

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Rabbi Mike Feuer joins the show to help transition between Memorial Day to the redemptive Independence Day. Then, Yishai teaches leadership Torah at the Knesset. And finally, Rabbi Tuly Weiss talks about putting out the incredible new Israel Bible.

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Voluntary Evacuation of Umm al-HiranBegins
This weekend, eight structures in the village were dismantled by the residents themselves.
March of Polish Christians and Jews to Commemorate Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
The aim of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews is to facilitate mutual understanding between Christians and Jews, overcome stereotypes, promote tolerance and deepen inter-religious contacts.
Coalition Partners Ban No-Shows at Upcoming Pivotal Knesset Summer Session
The official language of the state will be only Hebrew, with Arabic being downgraded to a special status.
100s of French Celebs Sign Petition Condemning ‘New Anti-Semitism’
„This is a low-level ethnic cleansing in the country of Emile Zola and Clemenceau,” the signatories proclaimed.
Turkey’s Parliament Approves Snap Elections Called by Erdogan
The vote was originally not to be held until November 2019; however, Erdogan said the early elections were needed due to uncertainties in Syria.
Everybody Wins: Natalie Portman Keeps the $2 Million, Genesis Prize Cancels the Ceremony
Mr. Netanyahu, take down that stupid prize. Say thank you to the Jewish-Russian oligarchs who invented it, but the State of Israel will no longer grovel at the feet of famous American Jews and pay them to like us. Please, Bibi, show us your spine.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Gaza Problem

Stephen M. Flatow
If mobs of firebomb-throwing foreigners were trying to storm across one of America’s borders, I doubt she would lecture our border guards to “exercise restraint.” There’s no justification for giving such advice to America’s ally.

Will Brian Ever Show Up?

Rabbi Yitzchak Fingerer
A special guest came to Seder–not just Eliyahu HaNavi–proving why we should never give up on our fellow Jew. A Pesach story of the „Life of Brian”

The Future of Israel Looks Good

Efraim Inbar
In short, over time Israel has become stronger, while its enemies, with the exception of Iran, have become increasingly weaker.

The Uncommonly Mad War on Common Sense

Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon
America’s elites are dangerously divorced from reality. When someone, like President Trump, points out that our Emperors have no clothes, it responds the only way it can: with deep denial, slander, and tu quoque attacks.

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Independence Day
Abu Yehuda
Vic Rosenthal
We’ll prevail. It will be terrible for us, but more terrible for our enemies. Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel was not reconstituted after thousands of years to be lost after only 70.
Baby Blames Bibi
Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story
Forest Rain
Change your advisers or change your tune

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