‘Deri doesn’t want to return to Shas’

‘Deri doesn’t want to return to Shas’

Close associates says religious party’s former leader committed to forming new political movement that will represent all sectors of society 
Kobi Nahshoni



Close associates of former Rabbi Yosef to Peres: Have mercy on Pollard

  • Yosef and the old Shas which he headed, but on the other hand, (the party) does not suit him today. He will not be satisfied with heading the party and being appointed its senior minister. He had that at age 28.”



Some three weeks ago current Shas chairman Eli 



Speaking to the Kol Barama radio station, Yishai called on his predecessor to return to the religious party, adding that Deri „would not do anything contrary to the opinion of (Rabbi Yosef).”



Deri was forced to resign from the cabinet in 1993 over corruption charges. He was sentenced in 1999 to three years in prison. Yishai replaced him as Shas chairman.


In June 2011 Deri announced that he was planning to form a new political movement ahead of the next elections. „In Israel one cannot contribute without political clout,” he said at the time. „I want to use my clout to foster unity.”