Two IDF Soldiers Save Palestinian Man’s Life

Two IDF Soldiers Save Palestinian Man’s Life


Lt. Kim Ben Tikva and Sgt. Sharon Grisaro had an eventful night: they saved a Palestinian man’s life.

The two were awakened at 1:00 AM two nights ago when a taxi bearing a dying Palestinian man and his family stopped at the gates of the Halamish military base in Judea and Samaria and called for help. They rushed to the scene and immediately started treating the patient, who, after 15 minutes of intensive CPR, began breathing and regained his pulse. At present he is hospitalized at the Rabin Medical Hospital and his condition is stable.

Sgt. Sharon GrisaroSgt. Sharon Grisaro, paramedic in the 96th battalion

Lt. Kim is a doctor in the 96th Battalion of the Kfir Brigade, and Sgt. Sharon serves as a paramedic in the same unit. Both are very used to these kinds of situations.

“The situation wasn’t surprising at all; this is something that happens a lot. The local medical services know the training we have, as well as our experience with patients in critical conditions and often rely on us,” explained Sharon. “We make no distinction between patients and will treat anyone in need – Jewish or Palestinian, men or women. It’s one of our values both as doctors and as soldiers in the army.”

Lt. Kim Ben TikvaLt. Kim Ben Tikva, doctor in the 92nd Battalion