PM Netanyahu’s Plan for Dealing with Illegal Work Infiltrators

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for dealing with illegal work infiltrators will be submitted for Cabinet approval on Sunday, 11.12.11.

The cost of the plan is NIS 630 million. This is in addition to the NIS 1.5 billion that have already been invested. In order not to break the budgetary framework, all ministries will be asked to allocate 2% of their budgets.

The plan is composed of several parallel stages:

1. Completing the Egypt-Eilat border fence. An additional NIS 280 million will be allocated for this purpose. Work

involving hundreds of tractors is now being carried out on a 180-kilometer section, of which a 70-kilometer section has already been completed. It is anticipated that the fence will be completed in less than one year. Thus, there will be a physical barrier for 240 kilometers, from Kerem Shalom to Taba, which will impede the entry of illegal work infiltrators.


2. The Saharonim facility at Ketziot<,frameless.htm?NRMODE=Published&gt; will be expanded from 2,200 places to 5,500 and will enable illegal work infiltrators to be housed for extended periods, according to law. The facility will be operated by the Prison Service.


3. Fines against those employing illegal infiltrators will be significantly increased; in certain cases, businesses may be closed.

4. Illegal infiltrators will be transferred to the new housing center when it is built; NIS 250 million will be allocated for this purpose. At the center, infiltrators who cannot be returned to their country of origin or to a third country will be provided with all of their basic needs: Lodging, food and health services. An additional NIS 100 million will be allocated to operate and maintain the center.

5. A plan will be formulated for deporting illegal work infiltrators.

It should be noted that the plan is designed to deal with the phenomenon of illegal work infiltrators. Those who are found to have arrived here as refugees will continue to be dealt with according to law, as they are today.