At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday 10 April 2011)

Israel scored a significant and impressive success when the Iron Dome system intercepted missiles.

This echoes around the world, including in the European countries that I visited.

1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:
„Today, we will mark 50 years since the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem. We will here very moving testimony from those who were involved and from the children of the prosecutor, Gideon Hauser.
This event is very important because it marked a turning point in which the State of Israel and the Jewish People began to mete out justice to their persecutors and said: Enough!  No more!  Regrettably, our enemies and those who seek Jewish lives have not gone from the world.  But the State of Israel exists and it knows how to defend itself from evil designs and we say: No more!  We say more than that: The Jewish People live!
I said that our enemies have not gone from the world.  This morning, I spoke with Yitzhak Wiliech, the father of Daniel, the pupil who was wounded in the criminal attack on a children’s bus.  Daniel is fighting for his life.  We, along with the entire nation, pray for him.
The IDF has had two major achievements in the past few days, one on the area of defense, the other in offensive operations.  In the area of defense, Israel scored a significant and impressive success when the Iron Dome system intercepted missiles.  This echoes around the world, including in the European countries that I visited.
The impressive significance of this achievement notwithstanding, it is clear that it is only a partial response.  It is clear that an offensive response is also needed.  Here as well, the IDF was impressive when it struck hard at Hamas and the other terrorist organizations, in terms of both lives and equipment, in response to the criminal attacks against us.
Over the weekend, I held discussions with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz and ISA Director Yuval Diskin, and our policy is clear: If attacks on Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers continue, the response will be very harsh.”
2. Defense Minister Ehud Barak briefed ministers on the security events that occurred last week in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip, including the firing of missiles at Israeli communities and a children’s bus, and the IDF response.
3. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefed ministers on his visit to Germany  and the Czech Republic  last week.  He said that the talks he held with leaders in both countries were good.  The Prime Minister added that he and his Czech counterpart had agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in various areas, including ministerial-level meetings between their governments.
4. The Cabinet discussed, and decided to commemorate, the 50th anniversary of the start of the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.  
Rafi Eitan, who participated in the operation to capture Eichmann, as well as Tamar Raveh and Amos Hauser, children of prosecutor Gideon Hauser, and Mickey Goldman, one of Eichman’s interrogators, addressed the Cabinet. Click here for additional details.
5. Pursuant to Article 3A of the 2002 Israel Security Agency Law, the Cabinet appointed Yoram Cohen to a five-year term as ISA Director, effective 15.5.11.
6. The Cabinet decided to extend the term of Israel Prison Service Commissioner Benny Kaniak until 17.4.11, at which time he will be succeeded by Jerusalem District Police Commander Aharon Franco.
7. Pursuant to Article 12 of the 1959 State Service Law (Appointments), and in accordance with the recommendation of Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan, the Cabinet appointed Alona Shefer (Karo) as Director-General of the Environmental Protection Ministry.
8. The Cabinet approved Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fischer’s 10.3.11 decision regarding the personalities who will appear on the next series of NIS notes.  
9. Culture and sports Minister Limor Livnat briefed the Cabinet on the activities of her ministry.