Netanyahu Calls On Abbas to

 „lead his people towards peace” at 2009 Israeli President’s Conference



Netanyahu Calls On Abbas to „lead his people towards peace” at 2009 Israeli President’s Conference



Israeli Prime Minister made statement at opening session of  2009 Israeli President’s Conference „Facing Tomorrow” –  hosted by the President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres. Conference runs until October 22nd in Jerusalem


At the opening event of “Towards Tomorrow” of the second Israeli Presidential Conference entitled “Facing Tomorrow”, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu noted “Over the last 61 years, we in Israel are making the impossible possible” and on that same line, he added that Israel had broken through the way to peace – first with Egypt, then Jordan, and now they had embarked on that same mission with the Palestinians.


However, he noted that such a mission requires leadership and courage on and from both sides and he called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “to lead his people towards peace and tell them that it’s time to end the conflict once and for all; and it’s about time that both nations will live with security and peace side by side”. He added that he was not asking his opponent to do this alone “just a few months ago I spoke to my own people; now it’s your turn to talk about the need and desire for peace”.


He praised the host of the Conference, Israeli President Shimon Peres. He noted that he has the life experience of few people in the world, going as far as to name him an ‘entrepreneur of the future’ and boldly stated “you are the state of Israel”.


President Peres himself took to the stage and explained the theme of the conference, “We have convened here to think together about the subjects that face us…the horizon is saturated with wonderful opportunities”. He said that world powers and leaders needed the courage to say yes to peace, yes to justice and yes to improving the world that we are living in.


The President noted that Israel had said yes to the initiatives of the Obama administration to create two states and he thanked the United States President for the friendship he had shown to Israel and his determination to open the peace process.


Also speaking at the event, Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair expressed his pride at being a “friend of Israel” before noting that the world is interdependent with the economic crisis, climate change, security and the issue between the Israelis and Palestinians, all building on one another.


He presented the idea that the only way to truly understand and seize the potential of the changing world was to approach is with an open mind.  When we close or minds to the possibility of the other, that is when we get the threat and the challenge”, he said, referring to terrorism. “The most dangerous of all is when there’s a state or government who is prepared to sponsor terrorism”. On that stated that he saw it as irresponsible to allow Iran to gather nuclear weapon capability. He noted that we are faced with different groups of extremists who are united by a perverse faith of Islam and believe that the only truth is theirs – a finite example of a closed mind.


When we are threatened militarily we have to react militarily but the best way to defeat a bad idea is with a good one…it’s about being open and facing tomorrow with confidence