Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press

Haaretz states that the Saudi Arabian initiative to hold the Arab League summit in Riyadh later this month to discuss proposing the 2002 Arab peace initiative anew, offers a fresh opportunity to revive the peace process between Israel and its neighbors, and to bolster the moderate axis in the Middle East against the emerging Iranian nuclear threat. It is the duty of the government of Israel not to reject the hand that is being offered by Saudi Arabia.

The Jerusalem Post stresses that while unemployment plunged to 7.7 percent for the fourth quarter of 2006, and the economy is growing at a healthy clip, economic reform is still definitely necessary. The editor adds that a freer economy will not only reduce poverty at a greater pace, but will increase fairness and reduce corruption in the bargain.
Hatzofeh claims that Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Riad enhances Saudi stature, and it now overshadows Egypt as the leading power in the Arab world.
Yediot Aharonot comments that appointment of rookies to key posts shows why presidential rule is a bad idea for Israel. Israel Our Home Chairman Avigdor Lieberman is the main promoter of the idea of adopting presidential rule in Israel, but as his last two appointments for top posts show, blunders like these are just a taste of things to come. The editor warns us not to show contempt for Minister Lieberman’s latest appointments, but rather to view them as a warning sign.