UN Security Council Resolution 1701

UN Security Council Resolution 1701, adopted on 11 August 2006, contains the essential elements that Israel believes can build a more stable and secure situation and will prevent Hizbullah from ever again being able to create the sort of regional crisis we have witnessed in the past month.
The preamble of the resolution:
– clearly puts the blame for the current crisis on Hizbullah
– calls for the unconditional release of the Israeli hostages, and
– calls for the implementation of UNSC 1559
In the operative paragraphs, the resolution:
– calls for the cessation of all Hizbullah armed attacks
– creates a new, strengthened UNIFIL (15,000 troops)
– gives UNIFIL a improved mandate (to take „all necessary action” to prevent hostile activities of any kind in its area of operations)
– calls that there be no armed groups, foreign or domestic (ie armed Hizbullah militia or Syrian and Iranian military advisors) in Lebanon
– establishes an embargo of weapons to Lebanese groups other than the government, enforced by UNIFIL (at airports, seaports and border crossings) , and
– forbids Hizbullah armed elements from returning to southern Lebanon, from the Blue Line to the Litani River.
Thus the resolution contains the fundamental elements which Government of Israel set out to achieve following Hizbullah’s unprovoked cross border attack and bombardment on 12 July:
– the return of its hostages
– the removal of the Hizbullah threat to northern Israeli cities, and
– the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1559 calling for Lebanon extend its sovereignty to all its territory, deploy its army south to the Israel-Lebanon border and disarm Hizbullah.
Israel expects the international community to take all the concrete steps required in order to bring about the full and effective implementation of the resolution just adopted.