HA’ARETZ 1. IDF: WIDE-RANGING OPERATION, PINPOINT ACTIVITY. 2. AFTER TERRORIST ATTACK, LABOR DROPS TO 22 SEATS. Kadima – 39; Labor – 22; Likud – 12. 3. MOFAZ: SHARON PLAYED DIRTY TRICK ON ME AT CABINET MEETING. HATZOFEH 1. Day of funerals – all those who were murdered have been laid to test, Netanya finding it difficult to emerge from shock. NETANYA WEEPS. Large security forces active in northern Samaria, 18 terrorists arrested up until now. Father and three relatives of suicide terrorist arrested in Alar village. Foreign Minister: Israel will use every means possible to stop attacks. US condemns attack and calls on PA to act determinedly against terrorism. 2. HOT WARNING TO ISRAELI TOURISTS: GET OUT OF SINAI IMMEDIATELY. 3. INTENSIFICATION OF CRISIS IN CONTACTS BETWEEN NATIONAL UNION AND NRP. (…). 4. KASSAM ROCKET LANDED NEAR NETIVOT ON TUESDAY NIGHT. 5. KFAR DAROM EXPELEES DECIDE: WE WILL GO TO BUILDING IN ASHKELON. MA’ARIV 1. Government, two years ago: Fence will be completed by end of 2005. DECEMBER 2005: FENCE IS BARELY HALF BUILT. Target date for completion of fence in three weeks but only 300 out of 700 kilometers have been completed thus far. Security sources: High Court of Justice is responsible. 2. MOFAZ: THEY PLAYED A DIRTY TRICK ON ME. 3. Ma’ariv-Teleseker/TNS poll: TERRORIST ATTACK HAS NOT AFFECTED SUPPORT FOR SHARON. Ma’ariv poll last night: Labor headed by Peretz has lost four seats in 10 days. Sharon – 39; Peretz – 24; Netanyahu – 13. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Battle heating up. Severe crisis of confidence between PM and DM. MOFAZ: SHARON USING ARMY FOR POLITICS. DM: Sharon leaked lies against me from Cabinet meeting in order to show me as someone who ignores the poor. He is working against my election in Likud. PM’s confidants: Mofaz is hysterical. 2. Duvdevan unit commander, on soldiers who feared to take part in Jenin action: „IN ANOTHER ARMY THEY WOULD HAVE SHOT THEM IN THE BACK.” Storm in elite unit: Following Yediot Ahronot expose that fighters asked to be excused from operation due to fear, soldiers and their parents were astounded to hear Lt. Col. A. Parents: In another army, they would have helped our boys. Soldiers: We are shocked. He has gone too far. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot believes that, „Amir Peretz did us a favor when he dragged the public debate into the economic arena,” because it will force both other politicians and the public to take a deeper look at socio-economic issues. Hatzofeh strongly criticizes, „the complete identification of the media and its minions with Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres.”