HA’ARETZ 1. In New York: PM opens campaign for third term; preparing for possibility that he will lose Likud Central Committee vote. SHARON PREPARING FOR ELECTIONS: MET WITH DONORS. Donors: Sharon met with – inter alia – Jacques Avital, Ira Reinhart and Aryeh Ganger. PM: Sharon’s confidants – Positions he expressed in speech represent Likud’s true path. Netanyahu: “After UN speech, it is clear that PM is on way out of Likud.” Foreign Minister: PM encouraged that Shalom is helping him or at least will not act against him. HATZOFEH 1. Army abandons northern Samaria – and Palestinians loot Homesh. “EGYPT AND PA CHECKING POSSIBILITY OF UNIFYING RAFIAH.” Agreement between Israel and Egypt crumbling: According to Al-Quds Al Arabiyah, contacts are being held on changing Egyptian-Palestinian border. Sharp American criticism of Sharon’s declaration that Israel would not allow PA elections if Hamas participates. 2. TWO YOUTHS WHO INFILTRATED FENCE NEAR NETIV HA’ASARA CAUGHT. 3. MITZNA GOING TO LONDON IN PLACE OF YAALON DUE TO FEAR OF ARREST. Palestinians threatening to file additional claims in London against generals and Judea and Samaria residents. 4. TWO LEBANESE CITIZENS INFILTRATE INTO ISRAEL – AND ARE RELEASED. MA’ARIV 1. Sharon: We cannot countenance nuclear Iran. IRANIAN PRESIDENT TO UN: WE WILL CONTINUE NUCLEAR DEVELOPMENT. Ahmadinejad tells to world leaders: US and Europe won’t frustrate our program. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. After withdrawal from Gaza Strip: Palestinians starting to realize right of return. 100,000 PALESTINIANS TO MOVE FROM JORDAN TO GAZA. Contacts between PA and senior Jordanian officials on return of refugees who fled from Gaza. Assessment: More than 2,000 rifles, RPGs and Katyushas smuggled via Rafiah. 2. Assessment around PM: “SHARON CLOSE TO DECISION ON LEAVING THE LIKUD.” Sharon’s close advisers: “Almost certain that die has been cast and he has decided to establish different political home.” ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss various issues related to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s speech to the UN General Assembly last Thursday: Yediot Ahronot suggests that, “After such a UN speech, it is hard to see how he can continue to represent the main positions and principles of the Likud,” and cites reports to the effect that Prime Minister Sharon is considering leaving the Likud. Hatzofeh says that, “Sharon, haughty and satisfied with his upgraded international status, is now in an awful trap. If he stops the withdrawals, his unique international status will be completely erased and he will go back to being Sharon the obstinate, right-wing refuser. If he continues to withdraw unilaterally, he will be the eternal captive of the international community and the State of Israel will lose the last shreds of its political independence.” __________ Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, commends outgoing Defense Ministry Director-General Amos Yaron as, “one of the most successful Defense Ministry Directors-General of all time.” BPI-info