Congratulations to Iraqi People

The United States congratulates the Iraqi people on completing the process of drafting a constitution.

Congratulations to Iraqi People on Draft Constitution
Secretary Condoleezza Rice office stated in August 28:
„This event marks another critical step forward along the pathway to a free, prosperous, and democratic Iraq. Both the process for producing the document and the text of the draft constitution show a shared commitment to a common future and identity for all Iraqis. Citizens of democracies around the globe recognize a vital element of free societies is to resolve disparate views through political compromise. We see this fact of democracy emerging in Iraq today. We also see in Iraq’s draft constitution a foundation for a democratic system in which all voices may be heard, human rights are protected, rule of law is respected, and women are full political partners. All Iraqis now have the opportunity in October to vote on a new constitution. We will continue to stand by the Iraqi people as they make important choices about their future.”