HA’ARETZ 1. Two seriously wounded in Be’er Sheva suicide attack; Islamic Jihad takes responsibility. SULEIMAN COMING TO GAZA STRIP IN ATTEMPT TO ASSURE CONTINUATION OF CALM. 2. NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL CHAIRMAN EILAND – QUITTING. 3. CABINET APPROVES PHILADELPHI CORRIDOR AGREEMENT. 4. INDICTMENT SUBMITTED AGAINST OMRI SHARON. 5. Frankfurt salutes Amos Oz. OZ AT GOETHE PRIZE AWARD CEREMONY: “GERMANY AND EUROPE MUST EXTEND US A HELPING HAND.” HATZOFEH 1. Alertness of driver and two security guards prevented bomb attack in Be’er Sheva. “THEY’RE MURDERING YOU A SECOND TIME.” Thus said family members of Nehemia Winter, who was buried a second time yesterday. Yesterday: Moving graves of Gush Katif fallen began and is due to end by weekend. Post-transfer escalation continues – 51 people wounded, two seriously, after Islamic Jihad terrorist blew himself up in Be’er Sheva. 2. COLLAPSE CONTINUES – GOVERNMENT APPROVES AGREEMENT ON DEPLOYMENT OF EGYPTIAN FORCES ALONG PHILADELPHI CORRIDOR. 3. STATE OF ISRAEL VS. OMRI SHARON: MK SHARON ACCUSED – INTER ALIA – OF VIOLATION OF TRUST AND FALSE OATH. 4. 1,400 STUDENTS WHO WERE EXPELLED FROM GUSH KATIF HAVE YET TO BE ASSIGNED TO ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS. (…). 5. AMOS OZ WINS GOETHE PRIZE. MA’ARIV 1. Expose: Dozens of Jews to be evacuated from Palestinian buildings. NEXT EVACUATION: 15 FAMILIES FROM HEBRON. Security establishment decides: Settlers living in Hebron wholesale market to be evacuated by force. Target date: By end of December. Settlers claim: They promised us that this wouldn’t happen, but after expulsion anything is possible. 2. SECURITY GUARD WHO WAS SERIOUSLY WOUNDED WAS FIRED TWO WEEKS AGO. On one of his last shifts as security guard, Louis Abu-Jama saved many lives. He succeeded in delaying terrorist and was badly burned. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Terrorist infiltrated via open area and blew himself up in Be’er Sheva. SOUTH EXPLODES. Terrorism returns to Be’er Sheva: Suicide terrorist explodes near Central Bus Station, 50 people wounded. Heroism of two security guards who jumped him prevented severe disaster; they are in serious condition. 2. THREATS AGAINST ARIEL SHARON. Bomb discovered near Shikmim farm. 3. OMRI’S TROUBLES. Indicted yesterday for false registration and false oath. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss various issues related to yesterday’s suicide bombing in Be’er Sheva: Hatzofeh dismisses whatever condemnation Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen may choose to issue because he is utterly ineffective. The editors suggest that the Palestinian terrorist organizations will space their attacks in the hope of avoiding a harsh IDF response and of generating US and European pressure on Israel not to respond. Yediot Ahronot says that everyone will interpret and analyze yesterday’s bombing in keeping with their political views. The editors suggest that, “Without a strong Palestinian side, without a regime that is capable of enforcing its will and the genuine interest in assuring quiet, the current situation will continue and even get worse,” and believe that unilateral Israeli gestures will not help. The paper asserts that, “Only light at the end of the Palestinian tunnel – a state-in-the-making supported by Israel – is likely to assist in reducing terrorism.” BPI-info