Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met with

At the start of the meeting, Prime Minister Sharon said that: “Relations between Israel and Croatia are improving and I am certain that the Prime Minister’s visit here will help advance bilateral relations,” Croatian Prime Minister Sanader said that: “I am pleased to be here and meet with Prime Minister Sharon. As Prime Minister Sharon has emphasized, I am certain that my visit to Israel will be an important stage in the development of bilateral relations and I am certain that we will discuss issues that are important to both of our countries and which will enhance bilateral cooperation.” Croatian Prime Minister Sanader expressed the latter was the only leader who could carry out such brave steps. The two leaders agreed that the volume of bilateral trade was small and should be enlarged. Croatian Prime Minister Sanader invited Prime Minister Sharon to visit Croatia.

Croatian people’s sympathy for the war against terrorism and the aspiration for security: “We in Croatia agree with Israel’s position that security is the most important thing.” The Croatian Prime Minister expressed his support for the Disengagement Plan, commended Prime Minister Sharon’s determination and said that the BPI-info