HA’ARETZ 1. PA considering establishment of new organization instead of PLO. ABU MAZEN AND HAMAS AGREE ON CO-OPTING ORGANIZATION INTO PA LEADERSHIP. PA demolishes illegal structure in Gaza; asks Israel, at security meeting, to deploy police in southern Gaza Strip as well. 2. IDF PLANNING ELECTRONIC ANTI-SMUGGLING FENCE FROM RAFIAH TO EILAT. 3. IN CONTRAVENTION OF IDF INTELLIGENCE’S VIEW: GAS MARKS TO BE COLLECTED FROM PUBLIC. 4. OC PERSONNEL SUCCEEDS IN ANGERING HESDER YESHIVA RABBIS. Decides to disband companies for hesder soldiers; IDF sources: Not final, due to disengagement. 5. KNESSET FINANCE COMMITTEE ARRANGING INCREASED COMPENSATION FOR GUSH KATIF EVACUEES. MKs demand NIS 1 billion in increased compensation for evacuees; demand to require increasing deficit target by 0.2%. 6. DESPITE REPORTS: NOT PLANNING FOR EARTHQUAKES. Earthquake Preparedness Steering Committee Chairman warns of large-scale disaster and says structures have not been strengthened. HATZOFEH 1. Sharon threatens: Democracy will know how to defend itself against those who call for refusal. RETIRED JUDGE JUSTIFIES REFUSERS: “SHARON CHEATED HIS VOTERS.” (…). Yesha leaders ask President: Call for referendum – otherwise there will be rift in nation; President: I feel your pain but I will not intervene. Likud members’ conference in support of referendum to be held today. 2. LEGAL PROCEEDINGS BEGUN IN LIKUD TO EXPEL FEIGLIN FROM PARTY. 3. SOLDIER WHO CALLED TO REFUSE ORDER SENTENCED TO PRISON. MA’ARIV 1. PM decides: We will respond to quiet with quiet. ISRAEL HALTS ELIMINATIONS. Calm in territories continues. Senior military source: IDF to refrain from eliminations and will turn new page for veteran fugitives. Palestinian police to deploy along Philadelphia corridor. Mofaz: We will also leave all Palestinian cities on West Bank by end of 2005. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Every departure by Sharon to event in Israel costs at least NIS 100,000. Cost of PMs’ security since Rabin murder: NIS 1 billion. COST OF SECURITY. Security for particular event attended by PM was NIS 1 million. Sharon, who is not liable for expense, has cut departures. PM’s Office: ISA sets level of security, no choice in current situation. 2. Storm in wake of Yediot Ahronot expose: HESDER YESHIVAS: WE WILL SEND BOYS TO ULTRA-ORTHODOX NAHAL BRIGADE UNIT. Rabbis outraged over decision to disband hesder units: If army doesn’t enable religious soldiers to serve together – there will be no more hesder soldiers. OC Personnel met last night with rabbis and announced: Decision stands. 3. FIRST KASSAM. Rocket fell last night in open area near Kerem Shalom community, inside Israel. First attack after six days of quiet. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh criticizes OC Personnel Maj.-Gen. Elazar Stern’s decision to abolish the separate units for hesder yeshiva [GPO note: hesder yeshivas enable religious draftees to combine IDF service and yeshiva study] soldiers and suspects that it is related to the Disengagement Plan. The editors declare that, “One hopes that the Defense Minister will avoid taking steps that are influenced by political considerations while the continuation of the existing arrangement between the hesder yeshivas and the IDF is being discussed.” Yediot Ahronot comments on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and says that, “The message that needs to go forth from the State of Israel to the ends of the earth is – Every Jew is our responsibility. The State of Israel is the Jewish People’s insurance company.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, commends the municipality of Holon for helping to set up a club/meeting place not only for Holocaust survivors and their families but also for, “young people who come in order to learn.” Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, refers to Sunday’s Cabinet meeting in Sderot and points out that Basic Law: The Government stipulates that Cabinet meetings shall take place only in Jerusalem. BPI-info