HA’ARETZ 1. EFFORTS TO RECRUIT NRP AND UNITED TORAH JUDAISM FOR BUDGET APPROVAL TOMORROW. HATZOFEH 1. Daily Telegraph: Contacts between senior Israeli and Palestinian officials renewed. OMRI SHARON AND BOIM TO DISCUSS WITHDRAWAL FROM GAZA WITH RAJOUB. According to British newspaper unofficial meeting to take place in London – but the sides will discuss security arrangements for Palestinian elections and Sharon’s plan. Senior Palestinian leadership arrives in Cairo for meeting with Mubarak. 2. BARGHOUTI RETRACTS HIS CANDIDACY; ABU-MAZEN – LEADING CANDIDATE FOR PALESTINIAN LEADERSHIP. 3. EGYPTIAN BEDOUIN CELL DEALING WITH SMUGGLING WEAPONS TO GAZA. Attempt to smuggle 10 Kalashnikovs from Egypt by throwing them over border fence thwarted. Terrorist who murdered two security guards captured hiding under kitchen sink. 4. PALESTINIS: ISRAELI HACKER BROKE INTO OFFICIAL PA SITES. MA’ARIV 1. (…). PLAN: UNIT TO GUARD JUDGES. (…). 2. SHARON: STEPS AGAINST IRAN ARE NOT ENOUGH. Says in interview to Newsweek. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. (…). JUDGE MURDER SOLVED. (…). 2. US AND ISRAEL PREPARING FOR NUCLEAR ATTACK ON IRAN. Thus claims German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, according to Der Speigel. 3. PALESTINIAN VIOLINIST: I FELT HUMILIATED.

(…). ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh commends the IDF senior command for moving to deal strongly with recent instances in which soldiers abused the corpse of a dead Palestinian terrorist and in which a soldier ‘confirmed the kill’ of a young Palestinian girl but strongly criticizes it for ignoring the shelling of Gush Katif and, in effect, declaring that the blood of its residents may be shed with impunity. Yediot Ahronot discerns a gap between the approach of many IDF commanders towards the Palestinians and that of the political echelon. The editors suggest that many IDF commanders, “no longer want to force the Palestinian public to its knees and regard its quality of life and the symbols – and functioning – of the Palestinian Authority rule, as assets for Israel.” However, the paper complains that, “The Israeli Government and the Prime Minister treat the PA with contempt and regard the Palestinians’ quality of life as something we grant them out of our great munificence.” The editors regret that, “What our soldiers see as effective for security, the politicians still see as munificence.” BPI-info