HEADLINES & EDITORIALS 13 Jul 2004 HA’ARETZ 1. SHARP OPPOSITION IN LIKUD TO UNITY; SHARON APPEALS TO SHAS AND UNITED TORAH JUDAISM. Sharon threatened early elections – and “rebels” decided to support him politically in exchange for stopping negotiations with Labor. 2. 75-YEAR-OLD PALESTINIAN MAN CRUSHED TO DEATH IN HIS HOME BY IDF BULLDOZER. 3. 37-YEAR-OLD MAN DIED AT SHAAREI TZEDEK [HOSPITAL IN JERUSALEM] DUE TO FAILURES AND LAPSES BY HOSPITAL DIRECTOR AND MEDICAL STAFF. No place found in intensive care unit for Palestinian patient – but place was found for Jewish patient.

HATZOFEH 1. (…). SHE CAME TO SAVE – AND WAS RUN OVER. (…). 2. SHARON THREATENS LIKUD – WE’LL GO TO ELECTIONS. PM’s threat to members of his own fto either expand government or go to elections didn’t help. Shameful tie in three no-confidence motions, including by Labor. Likud “rebels” announce: We will support government if Labor doesn’t join. Despite Labor’s no-confidence motion, Sharon accelerating contacts on unity government. Labor and Likud negotiating teams to be formed today. Sharon appeals to haredi parties. 3. NEW SEPARATION FENCE ROUTE CLOSER TO GREEN LINE. MA’ARIV 1. PM courting haredim. SHARON: SHINUI WILL ALSO PAY A PRICE. PM to meet with [Shas leader] Eli Yishai on Thursday. Asked [United Torah Judaism] MK Gafni: If Shinui is out of coalition, you’ll come in? Minister Lapid: If haredim are in – we’re out. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. AND NOW: THE HAREDIM ARE COMING. PM’s confidants: Close to agreement with United Torah Judaism, contacts with Shas. Shinui: If they come in – we quit. “We will have to go to elections,” Sharon threatened Likud Knesset f- and rebels decided: If Labor is out – we will vote with coalition in Knesset. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss the various options facing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: Yediot Ahronot says that, “He is juggling three balls: A coalition with Peres’s party, a coalition without Shinui and with the haredim and calling for new elections.” The editors predict that Prime Minister Sharon will attempt to engage in extensive, long and drawn out negotiations with Labor so that they will only join the government in the event that it is clear he is short of a majority for the vote on the disengagement plan due to take place in two months. Opponents within Labor to joining the government argue that Sharon is not reliable and that Netanyahu’s economic policy is atrocious. However the editors counter that, “Netanyahu’s worldview is closer to that of the Labor party than to that of his supporters,” and that “Sharon…is a liar,” but believe that, “He has realized that continued occupation is the greatest threat to Israel’s existence.” Hatzofeh doubts whether Prime Minister Sharon will be successful in establishing a coalition government before the summer break. _________________ Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on the incident in Paris in which a woman was attacked on a train by youths who thought she was Jewish and notes that, “Nobody got up to defend her.” The editors praise the French government’s response to the incident but believe that anti-Semitism is rife in France. BPI-info