HEADLINES & EDITORIALS 09 May 2004 HA’ARETZ 1. BUSH: PALESTINIAN STATE BY 2005 NOT REALISTIC. In closed conversation, Bush said that Sharon, “is a fighter, who knew how to find the appropriate breakthroughs in the past, and that’s what will happen with the disengagement.” 2. SOLDIER KILLED BY HEZBOLLAH BOMB; ASSESSMENT: ORGANIZATION WAS PLANNING ABDUCTION. 3. FIVE PALESTINIANS KILLED IN INCIDENTS IN TERRITORIES. IDF: Two of the dead were planning to perpetrate infiltration attack against Tulkarm area settlement; approximately 100-kilogram bomb found in booby-trapped car near Nablus, IDF detonated car without mishap. HATZOFEH 1. Palestinians outraged over US President’s remarks to Egyptian newspaper. BUSH: “PALESTINIAN STATE WILL NOT ARISE IN 2005.” Also said that intifada has disrupted timetable. Arafat responds: “Vision is realistic.”

2. SIX PALESTINIANS WOUNDED IN VIOLENT EXPLOSION AT SHOP IN EASTERN JERUSALEM. 3. TENSE QUIET PREVAILS ON NORTHERN BORDER – ST.-SGT. DENIS LAMINOV TO BE LAID TO REST TODAY. 4. “SALUT TO RESERVE SOLDIERS DAY” BEING HONORED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. MA’ARIV 1. BUSH TO PALESTINIANS: WAIT. “Palestinian state – not before end of 2005.” Disappointment in territories, satisfin Jerusalem. Beginning of week: Evacuation of outposts. 2. HEATING UP IN THE NORTH: SOLDIER KILLED. Friday night: “Egoz” fighters stepped on mine near IDF post. Assessment: Abduction of soldiers thwarted. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. BUSH: PALESTINIAN STATE WILL NOT ARISE IN 2005. Explained: Goal not realistic. Palestinians outraged: Bush contradicting his own promises. 2. FIRETRAP IN NORTH. “Egoz” soldiers entered minefield laid by Hezbollah. St.-Sgt. Denis Lamirov (21) killed. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot remarks that, “There is still a certain amount of haziness surrounding this weekend’s events in the north,” but notes that this lack of clarity on the rules of the game has existed since Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000. The paper argues that while Hezbollah has adhered to specific rules on when to open fire, Israel, “is finding it difficult to accept the fact that there are rules of the game.” Furthermore, while predictions of increased violence have not materialized, “The potential threat continues to grow.” The editors call for, “a general evaluation of the situation on matters relating to Hezbollah: Is it really such a major threat, and how can it be neutralized?” The paper asserts that without such a genuine examination of the situation, Israel, “is likely to be dragged into a war in the north, not because this is the correct way to remove the threat…but because this is the nature of the system that is dealing with the matter.” Hatzofeh comments on (what it alleges to be) the lack of public trust in the legal system, specifically in the High Court of Justice. BPI.