The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting today

28.3.2004: 1. The cabinet adopted the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee for appointments for service abroad, and approved the following:

Mr. David Veltzer-Avidor as Israeli Ambassador to Denmark. Mr. Yonatan Peled as Israeli Ambassador to El-Salvador. Mr. Yitzhak Lebanon as head of permanent Israeli delegation to UN. Mr. Michael Lotem as Israeli Ambassador to Kazakhstan Mr. Aharon Ram as Israeli Ambassador to Portugal. Mrs Ruth Shatz as Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar. Mr. Daniel Sa’adah as Non-Resident Ambassador to Madagascar, Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of Congo. His residence is in Israel. 2. The cabinet decided according to Basic Law:The President, that President Katsav will leave for a state visit to Hungary where he will inaugurate the Holocaust Museum which was established by the Hungarian government. The President will meet with leaders of the Jewish community, and members of the Hungarian media. President Katsav will also travel to Germany where he will meet with Administration leaders, Jewish community leaders and representatives of all countries who are members of the Organization for security and European cooperation to fight anti-Semitism. BPI.