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February 2, 2004 IDF Activity in the Tel – Sultan Neighborhood of the Southern Gaza Strip During the night, IDF forces operated in the Tel – Sultan neighborhood of the southern Gaza Strip in an attempt to arrest a senior Islamic Jihad operative, wanted by the security forces.

With the arrival of the IDF forces to the building in which the wanted Palestinian lives, Palestinian gunmen threw a hand grenade and opened fire at the forces from inside the building. An IDF soldier was lightly injured as a result of exchanges of gunfire. The soldier was evacuated to receive further medical treatment in an Israeli hospital. The IDF forces noticed an armed Palestinian who was trying to escape from the building, and another gunman in the operation area. The forces opened fire at the Palestinian gunmen and noticed a hit in both cases. The body of the wanted Islamic Jihad senior member was found, armed following the exchanges of fire in the area of the operation. At the conclusion of the IDF activity the forces left the area of the operation.