26.01.04 HA’ARETZ 1. GERMANY PROMISES TO RELEASE PRISONERS IN EXCHANGE FOR RETURN OF ARAD. Exchanges – third stage, after securing information on Arad and negotiations. Prisoners are two Lebanese and an Iranian imprisoned in Germany. Will also work to release Lebanese being held in France and Germany. Israel promises: If Arad is returned, we will release more prisoners. In such event, information on Iranian diplomats will also be handed over. Mofaz: Close to information on Ron; family not getting their hopes up.

2. ISA DEPUTY DIRECTOR TO QUESTION TANNENBAUM. 3. ATTORNEY GENERAL MAZUZ: I WILL WORK TOWARDS REDUCING FRICTION BETWEEN AUTHORITIES. 4. DROP IN ANTI-SEMITIC INCIDENTS – INTENSIFICATION IN THEIR SEVERITY. 5. SUPERVISION OF TRAVELLERS FROM EAST. Avian flu spreading in Asia – Health Ministry prepared. HATZOFEH 1. PM, on captives’ deal: “Decision was not easy, but was correct.” MOFAZ: INFORMATION ON RON ARAD CLOSER THAN EVER. Sharon: Samir Kuntar, murderer of Haran family and Eliyahu Shahar, will not be released unless Israel receives proven information on Arad’s fate. Hizballah Secy.-Gen.: Kuntar will be released within two-to-three months. Nasrallah continuing to play on feelings of MIAs’ families. Refused to discuss their situation and if they are alive: “Only on Thursday will it be known who is alive and who is dead,” and promised that his organization will continue to try to kidnap Israelis. (…). Families waiting in anticipation ahead of implementation of deal. Avitan family certain that their son is alive. Elhanan Tannenbaum expected to be questioned in order to learn whether he divulged secret information to Hizballah – that could reach Iran and Syria, and which could harm security services – while in captivity. By tomorrow: Israel to formulate list of prisoners to be released. No prisoner with blood on his hands will be released. Biran leaving for Germany to tie up loose ends. 2. APPOINTMENT OF MENI MAZUZ AS ATTORNEY GENERAL APPROVED. “Decision on Sharon file will be made without delay.” 3. 31% DECLINE IN NUMBER OF IMMIGRANTS TO ISRAEL. 4. FRANCE MOST ANTI-SEMITIC COUNTRY IN WESTERN EUROPE IN 2003. MA’ARIV 1. Torn heart: Captives deal – 44% in favor, 43% oppose. BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND THAT DAD WILL BE QUESTIONED. Karen Tannenbaum: We were told that we would receive personal time with Dad at airport. Abductees’ funerals expected on Friday. Arad family: If it is proven that Ron is dead, we will not demand that terrorists be released in exchange for his body. Nasrallah: We will abduct more soldiers. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. MOFAZ: INFORMATION ON RON IS CLOSER THAN EVER. Assessment in Israel: Iran now has greater interest in handing over information on Israeli navigator. Nasrallah: Ron Arad located in Lebanon, we will demand thousands of prisoners in exchange for him. 2. Before her death, Ron Arad’s mother requested: “IF RON IS DEAD – DON’T RETURN TERRORISTS IN EXCHANGE FOR HIS BODY.” 3. NASRALLAH’S CRUEL GAME: ONLY ON DAY PRISONERS ARE EXCHANGED WILL YOU KNOW WHO IS ALIVE AND WHO IS DEAD. 4. YIGAL AMIR: I WANT TO GET MARRIED AND COHABIT. Submitted formal request. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot comments on yesterday’s Cabinet decision to confirm Menachem (Meni) Mazuz as Attorney General and reminds its readers that, “All those who know Mazuz say that he is an excellent jurist and a man of principle.” Hatzofeh asserts that, “The elimination of [Hizballah Secy.-Gen. Hassan] Nasrallah must be on the security services’ list of priorities, something which would make it clear to all heads of terrorist organizations that they are living on borrowed time,” and urges the security services to find various ways to make it clear to Hizballah that kidnapping does not pay.