11.25.2003. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, analyzes Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s policies toward the Palestinians and asserts that, “Apparently, no daring diplomatic plan will arise in the near future, if at all,” because, “The Sharon of November 2003 is the same Sharon as in previous years.”

The papers comment on Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposals to impose new conditions and qualifications on the right to strike, especially in the public sector:
Hatzofeh asserts that, “As long as the Finance Minister doesn’t shelve his plan to break the Histadrut and its professional unions, it is highly doubtful if we can bring about a relaxation in labor and employee relations in the country.”
Yediot Ahronot suggests that Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that he has the workers’ best interests at heart in seeking to pass laws that, by imposing conditions and qualifications on the right to strike, would greatly reduce the Histadrut’s power. The editors surmise that Netanyahu also believes that the workers will thus support him in any future bid for the premiership.