21.08,2003 HA’ARETZ 1. IDF OPERATING IN NABLUS FOLLOWING TERROR ATTACK; PREPARING TO RENEW TARGETED ELIMINATIONS. ABU MAZEN’S GOVERNMENT THREATENS ARAFAT WITH RESIGNATION; ISRAEL: WE WILL PROCEED REGARDLESS OF PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY’S ACTIONS. Number of victims in terror attack: 20; 41 of those injured still in hospital. Heavy American pressure on Palestinian Authority to act against terror. Bush to Sharon: Path to peace through destroying terror. Cabinet assembled last night to discuss Israel’s response. IDF gathers forces for specific operations in West Bank cities. Suggestions in Palestinian Authority for arrests and to confiscate weapons. 2. Victims: 9 year old buried with his father and a baby – with his mother. SHMUEL ZARGARI, 11 MONTHS OLD, BURIED WHILE HIS PARENTS STILL HOSPITALIZED. 3. LOAN GUARANTEES AGREEMENT SIGNED WITH US. Will allow Israel to raise $3 billion. 4. POLICE REOPEN TEMPLE MOUNT TO JEWS.

HATZOFEH 1. Cabinet decides on minor operation in response to Jerusalem terror attack where 20 were murdered and over 100 injured. ENTIRE COUNTRY CRYING. 18 of those murdered in terror attack laid to rest yesterday, including children and babies. Hundreds came to area of attack and prayed for memory of victims. Political sources to US: restrain Palestinians, because if the cease fire collapses we will carry out a comprehensive and strong operation. President Bush telephoned Prime Minister last night and said that there can be no compromise with terror and that we must pursue people who murder women and children. Tanks ready for operation already stationed at edge of Ramallah last night. 2. HANEGBI DECIDES: TEMPLE MOUNT WILL BE PERMANENTLY OPEN TO JEWS. 3. CHILDCARE CUTBACKS COME INTO FORCE. 4. GOVERNMENT DEBT CONTINUES TO RISE – INCREASE OF NIS 5 BILLION SINCE BEGINNING OF YEAR. MA’ARIV 1. Paratroopers return to Nablus. Hamas in Gaza will also pay. ELIMINATIONS TO BE RENEWED Paratroopers and armored forces took control of Kasba and are expected to stay in Nablus for a few days. IDF warning: Islamic Jihad has not yet perpetrated its threat to carry out revenge attack for elimination of senior official. Bush calls for pursuit of child murderers, and warns Palestinians: either you work against terror or Israel will. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Palestinians to US: we will act against terror within 48 hours: IDF operating in Gaza. BLOOD OF A SMALL CHILD. Heart breaks to see victims: Mother and unborn child. Father and son. Mother murdered along with her baby son and left 12 orphans. Baby laid to rest without his parents who are seriously injured. ___________________________________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss various aspects of the terror attack in Jerusalem on Tuesday: Yediot Ahronot rejects the opinion that the attack was perpetrated for any other reason than “to kill as many Jews as possible.” The editors explain that Islamic terror is solely for the sake of G-d, “A holy war, Jihad for the sake of Jihad,” and assert that the only response must be “decisive and victorious.” The paper argues that “Israel has the military ability and the moral right to reach the terrorist leaders and destroy them,” and point out that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad have no interest in living side by side with Israel in a democratic Palestinian state. “From their point of view, the Israeli occupation is preferable to Palestinian sovereignty. When there is occupation, there is an external enemy which, through them they can…justify all crime. Without occupation, who is the enemy?…The civilian Palestinian society will become the enemy of the Hamas and Jihad ‘brothers. ’” The editors claim that Palestinian terror will only be wiped out when the “Palestinians vomit them out of their midst.” Hatzofeh says, “This was not a terror act against an occupying army, where some civilians were also killed, but an atrocious murder of civilians for the sake of murder.” The editors lament that the same ritual will be carried out; “closure, Palestinian Authority officials’ verbal objections, pursuit of those who sent the terrorists, eliminations followed by the revenge attack.” The paper asserts that this response “leaves the enemy…on top” and recommends an alternative plan of exiling Hamas terrorists to Iraq, and to improve the Palestinian standard of living, which will “significantly weaken terror.”