Israel: If they go to Jericho, we will consider transferring Ramallah. Report: US administration not pressing PA to dismantle terror. PM’s Bureau: Bush has made clear his determination to dismantle infrastructures. IDF prepared for immediate evacuation of six outposts in West Bank. This evening: Discussion of criteria for releasing prisoners. 2. PROPOSAL TO BUSH: CUT FENCE COSTS FROM LOAN GUARANTEES. 3. Security: Head of space program opposes budget cut. GOAL: FIVE ISRAELI SATELLITES TO BE LAUNCHED INTO SPACE IN NEXT FIVE YEARS. 4. SEARCHES FOR YOUNG TIBERIAS WOMAN MISSING SINCE FRIDAY. 5. ATTEMPT TO KIDNAP SOLDIER AT YOKNEAM JUNCTION FOILED. 6. DEMAND IN AUSTRIA TO INVESTIGATE CYRIL KERN AFFAIR. Rubinstein: Gilad Sharon’s silence during investigation – invalid; Lapid: Must hand over documents. 7. NETANYAHU AGAINST KLEIN ON ADDITIONAL FRONT: PROPOSES BANK OPPONENTS TO ADVISORY COUNCIL. HATZOFEH 1. FATAH: WE WILL RESUME ATTACKS IF FUGITIVES ARE NOT RELEASED FROM MUKATA. Palestinian security personnel imprisoned in Mukata room with intent to transfer them to Jericho soon. Five fugitives agree to be transferred to Jericho – 12 refuse and go on hunger strike. Security officials: Most recent shooting attacks in Judea and Samaria carried out by Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. Terrorist who was released from Israeli prison calls on terror organizations: Remember Jibril deal – act accordingly. 2. 18-YEAR-OLD DANA BENNET MISSING SINCE THURSDAY NIGHT – FEAR THAT SHE WAS KIDNAPPED. 3. ATTEMPT TO KIDNAP IDF SOLDIER AT YOKNEAM JUNCTION ON THURSDAY FOILED. 4. RUBINSTEIN: GILAD SHARON EXPLOITING HIS FATHER’S IMMUNITY IN ORDER TO OBSTRUCT INVESTIGATION. Justice Minister: Gilad Sharon entitled to remain silent on private matters – but not regarding public affairs. 5. ABSORBTION IN JUDEA, SAMARIA AND GAZA: NEW IMMIGRANTS FROM ARGENTINA TO MT. HEBRON. 6. MOFAZ’S DECISIONS ON OUTPOSTS REACHED ON BASIS OF WATCHING CHANNEL 2. MA’ARIV 1. IDF warns: Soldier saved from kidnap attempt at Yokneam junction. HUNT AFTER GANG OF KIDNAPPERS IN GALILEE. On Thursday evening, car stopped near soldier who was standing at Yokneam junction; three passengers tried to force him into car. “I cocked my weapon – and they fled,” he said. Several hours later, 18-year-old Dana Bennet from Tiberias went missing. She left her place of work and traveled home by taxi. Nobody has seen her since she got out of taxi. Police checking possible link between incidents. 2. FINANCE MINISTER VS. BANK OF ISRAEL GOVERNOR. Netanyahu appoints Bank of Israel advisory committee headed by sharp opponent of Klein’s. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Soldier saved from kidnapping at Yokneam junction over weekend. FEARS FOR FATE OF 18-YEAR-OLD DANA. Last Thursday night, Dana Bennet got out of taxi near her Tiberias home – and disappeared. Police suspect nationalist or criminal kidnapping. 2. RUBINSTEIN: GILAD SHARON EXPLOITING HIS FATHER’S IMMUNITY IN ORDER TO OBSTRUCT INVESTIGATION. Attorney General approves summoning of PM to investigation in Cyril Kern and Greek island affairs. Minister Lapid: Gilad must hand over documents on public matters. 3. RETURNING TO RESTAURANTS AND CAFES. Sales up 25% in wake of hudna. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss Gilad Sharon’s continued silence in the Cyril Kern and Greek Islands investigations against Prime Minister Sharon: Hatzofeh comments that Gilad and Ariel Sharon’s silence on the investigation proves that the Prime Minister has “apparently committed criminal acts.” The editors accuse the State Prosecutor’s Office and the media of being silent over the affair because they support Sharon politically and do not want to cause trouble for him. Yediot Ahronot says “At Ariel Sharon’s farm, the term ‘Silence of the Lambs’ takes on special significance,” and describes Gilad Sharon’s use of his father’s parliamentary immunity as “turning the farm into a safe haven from the Israeli law enforcement services.” ______________ Hatzofeh, in its second editorial, reminds its readers that, “What is important is not what is said or thought, but what is done in practice.” The editors criticize Prime Minister Sharon for making concessions to the Palestinians that cannot be rescinded. The paper believes this is especially irresponsible given the ISA’s concerns that the current hudna will not hold for a significant period of time. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, congratulates the government on its decision to appoint an advisory committee for the Governor of the Bank of Israel.