Deceased: Resident of house, Mazal Afari, and unknown youth, possibly the terrorist; police believe that it was not a gas leak. 2. ABU MAZEN TO VISIT KNESSET NEXT WEEK. At request of Authority, Shinui invited Dahlan and Abu Mazen. Rivlin approved, but the site still has not been agreed on with PA. Palestinians: Sharon and Abu Mazen to discuss visit tomorrow. Information Minister: Must halt incitement at PA; withdrawal from additional towns will ease change of tone. 3. ISRAEL CONSIDERING RELEASE OF HAMAS PRISONERS. 4. Aliyah: 330 immigrants from North America, sponsored by Nefesh B’Nefesh organization, to arrive in Israel tomorrow. PRIVATE INITIATIVE BEHIND WAVE OF ALIYAH FROM NORTH AMERICA. HATZOFEH 1. Police investigating circumstances of blast last night – house collapsed. TWO KILLED AND THREE WOUNDED IN KFAR YAVETZ EXPLOSION. Husband returned home from evening prayers short time before it was destroyed in explosion. Body of his wife and youth, who apparently blew up, found in ruins of house. Three children rescued from house. Police: Apparent terrorist attack. Bomb explodes next to Migdalim community in Samaria – no casualties. 2. ABU MAZEN INVITED TO KNESSET – DAHLAN WILL NOT VISIT DUE TO HIS INVOLVEMENT IN TERROR. 3. MAJ.-GEN. DAN HAREL – OC SOUTHERN COMMAND. 4. DOLLAR TO NEW LOW: NIS 4.283. MA’ARIV 1. 63-year-old woman killed in home collapse in Sharon area. HE BLEW UP IN THE LIVING ROOM. Increasing assessment: Terrorist entered Kfar Yavetz home and blew himself up. Mazal Afari, mother of eight, killed. Five people wounded. OC Home Front Command: “Circumstances of explosion indicate terror attack.” YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Has terror returned? Police suspect: Terror attack at Kfar Yavetz. TWO KILLED IN MYSTERIOUS HOME EXPLOSION. Killed at Kfar Yavetz, on seam line: Woman and unknown man. Police still unsure about cause of blast: Terrorist attack or accident. 2. HUDNA EFFECT: RESTAURANTS REDUCING SECURITY. “We heard Dahlan and we were convinced,” they’re saying at Seafood Market restaurant. _____________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot says that when Abu Mazen was first appointed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, there were those who warned Israel against embracing him too strongly in order not to jeopardize his standing in the PA areas. But now, the editors aver that, “In recent weeks, Israel has been embracing Abu Mazen so strongly that it seems as if his bones are on the verge of being crushed,” and cite his meeting with Prime Minister Sharon at the Prime Minister’s Office and invitation to the Knesset. Yet the paper adds that, “At the same time, Israel is hardening its position regarding prisoner releases,” and reminds its readers that, “The prisoner issue is especially sensitive for Abu Mazen.” The editors assert that, “If Israel has a genuine interest in helping him, instead of trumpeting seeming victories, instead of inviting him to the Knesset, it should carry out tangible steps that will enable him to be seen as someone who brings results.” Hatzofeh reminds its readers that, “While Muhammad Dahlan continues pressing Israel to hasten the release of thousands of Palestinian terrorists, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are stepping up the production of Kassam rockets and other weapons.” The editors believe that, “The settlement with the Palestinians obligates the PA to prove its desire for a settlement with Israel not only in words, but in deeds,” and aver that, “We want to believe that Abu Mazen and Dahlan, instead of running after Israel to release terrorists, will begin to carry out their responsibilities in order to bring about a change in the PA’s tone and that from now on, Israel will no longer be presented as an enemy that must be destroyed, but as a neighbor; thus relations between Israel and the PA will be tested.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on US President George W. Bush’s current visit to Africa, and suggests that, “Bush, who began his term as someone detached from foreign affairs and with little knowledge of the world, seems to be the one who will likely lead the true struggle against terror – the war on the poverty, disease and ignorance that it feeds off of.”