Press Release

Press Release Due to the withdrawal of the Iraqi threat on Israel, the Ministry of Tourism will be presenting the new Tourist campaign abroad.

With the removal of the Iraqi threat upon Israel and the general change of atmosphere for the better, the Ministry of tourism will soon come out with a new Tourism campaign abroad- which is designed to attract Jewish tourists and Christian supporters of Israel to return and visit the Holy land. The Tourist campaign is planned to address the loyal and devoted audience who have been visiting Israel in the past two years and due to the Iraqi threat were prevented from coming to Israel in the last few months. In addition this campaign turns to new audiences with an acute and clear message: The time has come to visit Israel due to the political and security change in our region. The planned campaign will be advertised in a number of countries in Europe and the U.S., which are the main source of incoming tourism to Israel. The list of countries is: U.K., France, CIS and North America. The leading message of the European campaign will be “The time has come for a change- come visit Israel”. The main message of the U.S. campaign will be: “Let not your soul wait any further- come and visit Israel”. The Minster of Tourism, Benny Elon, says that: despite the tremendous decrease in the Israeli Tourism that started on September 2000, the Ministry of Tourism has succeeded, thanks to our internal tourism and the external tourism of the Jewish and Christian supporters- to save the tourist sector from collapsing.” In 2002, there were 862 thousand visits made to Israel. The Responsible professional Authority in the Ministry of tourism hope that until the end of this year, following the campaign abroad there will be a approximately one million tourist visiting Israel. It should be indicated that the first quarter of this years has been characterized with a low number of visitor in comparison to past years. For any additional information please contact us: Golan Yossifon Spokesman, Ministry of Tourism. Tel: 02-6664203. Mobile: 056214051. Beeper #: 21720