John Cusack Tweets and Then Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Image

John Cusack Tweets and Then Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Image


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Actor John Cusack tweets and then apologizes for anti-Semitic image
The „Say Anything” actor said he thought he was retweeting a pro-Palestinian post and later agreed that the image was anti-Semitic.
Editor’s Column: Every question-and-answer period at every Jewish event ever
Please wait for the microphone. And no three-part questions, please.
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This Jewish lawyer wants to break the back of the violent white nationalist movement
Roberta Kaplan says the organizers of the far-right march in Charlottesville weren’t just sharing protected speech, but planning a conspiracy to commit violence.
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How Jewish day schools are now minting future engineers (Sponsored)
High school students are learning coding and creating their own products, from backpack-embedded ID chips to sensors that provide wildfire warnings.
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