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This is a MUST SEE Canary Mission video! They literally rip into IfNotNow in a hilarious parody of the popular YouTube series, Honest Trailers. Watch their takedown of an organization that uses Jewish ritual, language and customs…to try and destroy the Jewish state! You might want to watch this video more than once!

Unfortunately, the fact that such an organization exists with self-hating Jews supporting Israel’s destruction is an extremely sad thing. These are people who are totally ignorant about their true Jewish identity, ignorant about their own Jewish history, are brainwashed about a false narrative called “palestine” which was created with the sole purpose of destroying their ancestral homeland Israel, and immoral and evil in supporting Muslim terrorists who murder innocent people, their own people!

This is a video that must be seen by all to stop people from believing the atrocious lies spread by IfNotNow. If you like the video, definitely subscribe to the Canary Mission mailing list for more of their exclusive information and features. subscribetoday.canarymission.org/anti-semitism/

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