Everyone to the Temple Mount, Living off the Land; Whose Land is it? Clinton or Trump?

JewishPress.com Radio: Everyone to the Temple Mount, Living off the Land; Whose Land is it? Clinton or Trump? World Vision – August 9, 2016

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August 9, 2016 / 5 Av 5776
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Israel Uncensored: We Must Visit the Temple Mount en Masse – MK Yehuda Glick
Is the Temple Mount truly in ‘our hands’? Josh Hasten interviews Temple Mount activist MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick on this weeks Israel Uncensored.
MK Yehuda Glick and the Temple Mount
Rejuvenation: Living On-and Off-the Land
Is a good life an easy life – or is it one with meaning? Eve Harow speaks with Alon Zimmerman, former surfer and jock who now has a farm in Itamar practicing sustainable ecology; growing what you eat, literally enjoying the fruits of your labor. Living the Torah on this weeks Rejuvenation.
Alon and Rachel Zimmerman’s Farm in Itamar
The Tamar Yonah Show – Whose Land Is This Anyway?
Arabs and foreign/leftwing NGOs look to disturb peaceful residents living in Judea and Samaria claiming their homes were built on empty Arab-owned land.
The Walter Bingham File – Is Clinton Or Trump Best for Israel: An In-Depth Investigation
This week’s programme deals exclusively with the US presidential election.
Beyond The Matrix – Can A Pig Be Kosher?
It seems that Rod and his Netiv group are starting trouble in Houston.
Bulletproof – It’s About Policies, Not Personalities
When it comes to the US elections, Ari says not to consider the personalities, but the policies.
Phantom Nation – Christian Aggression Today
World Vision and other NGOs: Antisemitism cloaked as charity.
Israel On My Mind – It’s Not All Work and No Play
It’s not all work and no play, as Jason abandons Jono for a week for the beautiful beaches of Malta.
The Tamar Yonah Show – Another Angry Letter…
Israel News Talk Radio received an angry letter from a listener saying that they did not want to hear about Jews moving to Israel after reading an article about a family found living in a succa hut.
Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel – Healing the World Within and Without
Healing the world without begins with healing the world within.
The Aaron Katsman Show – How To Finance A Long Life
In this week’s show, Aaron discusses how to fund a longer life.
The Yishai Fleisher Show – Roots of Messiah and Humanity JewishPress Logo

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