Friss hírek a Zsidó Világkongresszus honlapján – június 9, 2015

Friss hírek a Zsidó Világkongresszus honlapján – június 9, 2015

WJC News Update – US Supreme Court strikes down law allowing Jerusalem-born Americans to list Israel as birth place on passports


News updates from the World Jewish Congress website – 09 June 2015

World Jewish Congress
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US Supreme Court cancels law to allow Jerusalem-born citizens to list Israel as birth place on passports

The highest court in the US has struck down a law passed by Congress that would have allowed Americans born in Jerusalem to list their birthplace as Israel in their passports.

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Sarkozy rejects Israel boycott as unacceptable, laments lack of Holocaust education in some schools

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the Herzliya Conference in Israel that in France there are schools where teachers could teach about the Holocaust.

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Reports: Bon Jovi’s first-ever gig in Israel in October

09 Jun 2015 Bon Jovi, the American rock group, are expected in Israel for a long-awaited concert soon, according to media reports.  READ MORE »

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Germany sees dramatic rise in anti-Semitic and anti-Israel crimes – JTA

09 Jun 2015 An exponential rise in anti-Israel crimes in Germany committed by foreigners and immigrants in 2014 points to an urgent need for action, a German politician said.  READ MORE »

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Disputed Holocaust memorial dedicated in Greece – Times of Israel

09 Jun 2015 The ceremony took place Sunday in Kavala, a port city in northern Greece, after the Greek Jewish community, the Greek government and international Jewish groups slammed the decision to cancel.  READ MORE »

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UN secretary general keeps Israel off list of human rights violators – Breaking Israel News

09 Jun 2015 After much pressure from both sides, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has decided not to include Israel in the international body’s list of children’s rights violators.  READ MORE »

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At panel on Anti-Semitism, new metrics for Jew hatred outlined – Jerusalem Post

09 Jun 2015 The panel discussion on the rise of global anti-Semitism at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York was moderated by World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer.   READ MORE »

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UK Jewish group U-turn on female driving ban – YNet

09 Jun 2015 After being warned it faces action over letter banning women members from driving their children to school, Hasidic community in London says letter should not have been sent out.  READ MORE »

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French Islamic group faces trial after Jewish stores found on ‘target’ list – Jerusalem Post

09 Jun 2015 Fourteen members of a banned Islamic group went on trial in Paris on Monday facing terrorism charges after a list of Jewish stores marked „targets” was allegedly found in files belonging to its leader.  READ MORE »

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Less than 2% of the US population is Jewish. So why is 41% of the country’s packaged food kosher? – Quartz

09 Jun 2015 Kosher is the top label found on food and beverages, according to market research, beating out the ever-present “gluten-free” label and even allergen claims.  READ MORE »

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Evan Moffis: Is the Golden Age Over for American Jews? – Huffington Post

09 Jun 2015 American Jews have built extraordinary institutions and synagogues, but two thirds of us do not affiliate with them. Jews attend colleges at an extraordinary high rate, but 54 percent of our students report experiencing anti-Semitism on campus.  READ MORE »

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Jordan said threatening to renounce citizenship of senior Palestinian Authority officials – Jerusalem Post

09 Jun 2015 Jordan is threatening to revoke the Jordanian citizenship of 30 senior PA officials, including President Mahmoud Abbas and his sons, the London-based ‘Alquds Alarabi’ newspaper reported over the weekend.  READ MORE »