Boycott Soros, Killing Cash, Advocacy Journalism

Boycott Soros, Killing Cash, Advocacy Journalism – May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014 / 27 Iyyar 5774


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BDSers Call for an ‘AidCott’ of Soros for Daring to Invest in Israel
The BDS leadership wants to punish Soros for Israeli investments; they are calling for an „aidcott.”
Open Society Foundations chairman and founder George Soros.

Historic Visit to Israel by Lebanon’s Courageous Maronite Patriarch
Lebanon’s Maronite Catholic patriarch has defied terrorist death threats and arrived in Israel to honor Pope Francis and visit the faithful.
The clock square in the ancient port city of Jaffa (Yafo) next to Tel Aviv.

Religious Zionist Rabbis Celebrate Jerusalem Day on Temple Mount
Despite Arab and left-wing warnings, no violent reaction by either Arabs or int’l Muslim community to visit.
Religious Zionist rabbis on Temple Mount this morning

Does Haaretz’s Public Stance on ‘Occupation’ Reveal Anything New About the Paper
When a newspaper long perceived to align with a particular political slant is actually transparent about that slant, does it say anything new about the paper?
Haaretz Fundraising Screenshot

Shas Party Defies Deri, Goes to Amar Family Wedding
Rav Amar blessed Eli Yishai, saying, „May all your enemies fall before you, and may you be raised up, and succeed in all your undertakings.”
An Amar family wedding. Seated at the dais are: Baba Baruch (l), Rav Shlomo Amar (cl), Likud MK Ruby Rivlin (cr), and Shas MK Eli Yishai (r).

Saar Exempts Shmitta-keepers from Arnona
The government is renewing a law exempting shmitta-observant farmers from arnona payments.
Agricultural fields in Israel.

Who Shot Them? A Series of Posts On the Nakba Day Shootings
The teenagers in the video, then, were either injured non-seriously by rubber bullets, or faking for the camera.
News coverage of the alleged Nakba Day Shooting of Palestinian Arab Youths.

Ill Winds Blowing in Turkey
Since taking office in 2003, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has moved to align Turkey with Islamist elements
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan with Hamas leader Ismail Haniya

Ex-intel chief invites Saudi royal to Jerusalem to talk peace
Amos Yadlin invites Saudi Prince Faisal Al Saud for talks on 2002 Arab Peace Initiative
Major-General Amos Yadlin

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