Summary of editorials from the Izraeli Hebrew press

Summary of editorials from the Izraeli  Hebrew press


Two papers comment on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s White House meeting yesterday with US President Barack Obama:

Yediot Aharonot contrasts the tone of the Prime Minister’s remarks yesterday with some of his recent statements: „Yesterday at the White House, Netanyahu did not preach. Instead of wrecking the party, he joined it. He spoke softly about his willingness to stand aside and not disturb things while the world examines the diplomatic option vis-à-vis Iran… However, Netanyahu seemed yesterday like he was being dragged to this party against his will, sour-faced, as if he was waiting for the Iranians’ first mistake in order to shout to the world – I told you so.”

Yisrael Hayom asserts: „It is clear that Obama and Netanyahu saw fit not only to avoid a rift between them, but also to formulate a position that enables a compromise agreement on two points: The siege of economic sanctions on Iran will not be weakened prematurely…[and] The military option exists.”


Ma’ariv contends: „About one thing there is no argument: The Iranian President’s onslaught of smiles is achieving great results,” and believes that Israel „should play the game.” The author urges the government to „Join the onslaught of smiles. Welcome the change in Iran. Send flowers to the Iranian President’s office along with a letter welcoming the change. He will get angry? The ayatollahs’ regime will return the flowers? Excellent. Israel will only win points,” and warns it that „The more it complains, the more it will be seen as spoiling the reconciliation process.” The paper asserts: „Only by giving a chance, even if for show, will it be possible to expose the fraud,” and says that Prime Netanyahu now „has a much tougher opponent, not nutty Ahmadinejad, but smiling Rouhani. He must respond accordingly, not in order to strengthen the fraud, but the opposite.”

The Jerusalem Post comments on the increased popularity of the Meatless Monday campaign in Israel, and declares: “Many of the objectives set down by environmentalists and advocates of public health can be achieved by simply cleaning up the meat production process.”

Haaretz observes that “Instead of welcoming the chance to deprive Iran of nuclear weapons while being spared a military entanglement, [PM Netanyahu] is entrenching himself in his role as angry prophet warning against Iranian deception,” and adds: “The message is that the American president is naïve – one could almost say foolish – and that only the Israeli prime minister is sober and experienced.” The editor calls on the prime minister, in his address to the UN General Assembly Tuesday night, to abstain from “making threats and sowing fear, as he has done in previous speeches, and refrain from pulling out evidence of the disaster about to befall us,” and to use the platform to express support for the diplomatic efforts. The editor concludes: “Such a refreshing stance would better serve Israel’s interests and mobilize the world to ensure the security of its citizens.”