Summary of Editorials from the Izraeli Press

Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

Yediot Aharonot discusses the press conference held yesterday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he marked three years since his Government took office. The author contends that „The Prime Minister’s summary, by nature, was positive and devoid of reservations. From his point of view, his government had only achievements. He trusts the opposition to point out the failures. But Mr. Netanyahu got carried away. Netanyahu lowered gasoline by NIS 0.88? Incorrect. Lowered the price of housing? Not yet. Initiated
socio-economic changes? That’s an exaggeration. He acted under the pressure of the protest.”

Ma’ariv discusses the decision by the International Criminal Court in Hague, which rejected a Palestinian request to investigate Israel for war crimes in Operation Cast Lead on the grounds that Palestine is not a state. The author notes that „It was liable to rule otherwise, had judicial activism controlled the court in the Hague. The Palestinian Authority is not a state; therefore it has no state rights. Yesterday’s decision clarifies that the Palestinian Authority is continuing its all-out war against Israel. Terrorism did not deliver the goods. Perhaps, so they hope, it will come in the arena of demonization. They want to transform Israel into South Africa. Yesterday they lost the battle. The war continues in full force.”

Yisrael Hayom, on the eve of the Passover holiday, reminds its readers that „The holiday of freedom, which celebrates the end of the slavery of the Children of Israel in Egypt, reminds us that we are a fortunate generation, blessed by the right to live in a period following the miracle of Jewish revival.”

The Jerusalem Post studies the contrast between the violence of some of the teams in the Israeli national football league to the peaceful crowd and players of the new national champions Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona. The editor is hopeful that their victory in the championships this week also marks “the beginning of a new era in Israeli soccer – an era in which players and fans of other teams will cut the violence and hooliganism and emulate the Kiryat Shmona club’s good manners, sportsmanship and soccer skills on and off the field.”

Haaretz refers to the new settlement that was set up in the heartland of the Palestinian population in Hebron, and declares that by ordering Defense Minister Barak not to carry out the intended evacuation, “The Israeli government gave in to the settlers.”  The editor states that [PM Benjamin] Netanyahu is ignoring the West Bank military prosecutor’s opinion, which stipulates that the settlers’ presence threatens to disrupt the delicate status quo between the Israeli and Palestinian communities and cause casualties,” and warns that “If Barak gives in yet again to the thugs and their political patrons, he will be accomplice to trampling peace and prostituting the rule of law.”

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