Izraeli Cabinet communiqué

Cabinet communiqué

PM Netanyahu: Reducing crime in the Arab sector is a goal of the Government and it needs to be a goal of the country.
At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday 25 March 2012):

1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:

                                „Last weekend there were three murders in the Aab sector.  Reducing crime in the Arab
                                sector is a goal of the Government and it needs to be a goal of the country.  I appreciate the fact that there are increasing voices from within the Arab sector, from its leaders, mayors and citizens, calling for stepped-up law enforcement within Arab communities and villages.  I think that this is an important change.  I add to this my call for enlistment in the civilian service, within which it will also be possible to combine actions for increased law enforcement.  The community can help itself.  The Arab sector can help itself vis-à-vis increased law enforcement by volunteering in the civilian service as well.

Last week I attended a conference that the Government organized on increasing
                                the involvement of Israeli Arabs in Israel’s economic growth.  We spoke there
                                about the steps to involve them in the economy, education, transportation,
                                access to jobs and many other issues.  I think that all of these things are                                  important.  While the Government has invested billions of shekels in moving
                                forward on these goals in the Arab sector, I would like to say that without law
                                enforcement, none of these steps will achieve the goal that we are hoping for
                                and striving toward – i.e. the integration of Israeli Arabs in the State of                                  Israel’s progress.

Alongside all of these actions that we are doing and alongside this partnership, there must also be partnership in enforcing the law.  We will do our part.  I expect a practical response by Arab sector community representatives regarding increased law enforcement in their communities.”

2. The Cabinet approved – in principle – a plan to move forward on renovating, expanding and developing the section for leaders and heroes of the nation in Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl cemetery. 

3. The Cabinet discussed reforms in documenting the work of the Government
                                and the establishment of facilities within the State Archive to house the aforesaid documentation. 

4. The Cabinet discussed the issue of supervision and oversight of legalized
                                betting in Israel. 

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