Summary of Editorials from the Izraeli Press

Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

The Jerusalem Post is thankful that the Bamba Baby – the logo of a locally produced peanut butter-flavored snack – will not serve as the Israeli emblem at the London Olympic Games, and states: “it’s a travesty to resort to this delightful charming-cum-mischievous image as our national emblem.” The editor believes that “It ought to be a source of pride to us that our public didn’t acquiesce in the takeover of our identity, and adds, tongue in cheek, that “This is one baby that deserved being thrown out with the bathwater.”Yediot Aharonot asks: „Why did Super Sol’s profits drop in
the last quarter? Because of the protests.  Why has the Israeli stock exchange been going nowhere in recent months?  Because of the protests.  Why did the internet company Walla! end its year in the red?  Because of the protests.  Why did exports decline and imports rise?  Because of the protests.   Why has the Islamic Jihad renewed its rocket fire upon on Israel?  Because of the protests…Excuse me, that last claim has yet to be made, but all of the others have.  It has become popular to blame ‘the protests’ for every management failure and for every negative economic phenomenon, even if its source is from abroad, like the slowdown in the last quarter of 2011.  But who needs an examination of the facts when a perfectly good excuse is so conveniently at hand.! „

Ma’ariv contends that we are „conveniently blind,” to what we do not wish to see.  „Not only does Bashar Assad ignore reality: Our attitude toward ‘Iron Dome’, the ‘Big Brother’ series affair and other occurrences proves that so do we.  We get all excited about the unbelievable success of the Iron Dome missile defense system, but ignore the fact that the Islamic Jihad continues to ‘trickle’ rockets upon our southern communities.  Perhaps he, as well as we, prefer to continue living in La-La Land, and to view events through a very narrow prism, and to ignore whatever is unpleasant for us to see.”

Yisrael Hayom calls to „Neutralize Iran for the sake of peace.”  The author argues that „The danger is not only the possibility of the actual use of nuclear weapons, but rather the diplomatic implications of Iran becoming a regional nuclear power.  All peace loving Israelis must view the prevention of Iran’s nuclear armament as Israel’s top diplomatic-security priority.  It is preferable that it be attained diplomatically, through heavy sanctions imposed by the free world on Iran.  If those measures fail, there will probably be no other option than an Israeli strike, even if no one desires it.”

Haaretz believes that the state’s petition to the High Court of Justice to postpone the evacuation of Migron – an outpost on the West bank that was recognized by the cabinet seven years ago as an illegal outpost that must be evacuated – is nothing less than “a combination of highway robbery, contempt for Israel’s highest court and disregard for international agreements.” The editor points comments that “Instead of honoring the government’s pledge – according to the peace road map – to evacuate all outposts that were established in the last 11 years and completely freeze settlement construction, the government is now seeking . . . . to build a new settlement in the heart of the West Bank,” and declares: “If the Supreme Court grants the state’s petition, it will be a precedent signaling to the residents of the other outposts that when it comes to settlers, even the rulings of the highest court in the land are worthless.”