Bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires,

20 years later, Israel Foreign Ministry remembers

On March 17, 1992, 29 innocent people lost their lives in the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, among them nine Israeli diplomats and embassy employees: David Ben Rafael, Eli Ben Zeev, Eliora Carmon, Beatríz Mónica Berenstein de Supaniky, Marcela Judith Droblas Mirta Saientz, Raquel Sherman de Intraub, Liliana Graciela Susevich de Levinson, and Zehava Zehavi. The attack was carried out by terrorists with Iranian support. The site of the former embassy on the corner of Arroyo and Suipacha serves today as a memorial to those killed.
– Website of Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires (Spanish)