Expo 2015 wooing Israeli companies

Organizers of Universal Exposition in Milan calling on Israelis to take part in bids for site’s construction in order to enjoy greater exposure, as well as bigger and more attractive pavilion
Menachem Gantz

MILAN – The Expo Milano Universal Exposition will only be held in 2015, but its organizers are already calling on Israeli companies to take part in bids for the site’s construction, promising that countries which present „early involvement” will enjoy greater exposure as well as a bigger and more attractive pavilion.



The exhibition, which will be held under the theme „Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” will set up within three years a digital city with advanced technologies, which will provide 20 million visitors – and one billion Web surfers – a unique educational experience.



2010 Exhibition
Einstein’s work showcased at Shanghai Expo / Bev Spritzer
Two pages from original manuscript of General Theory of Relativity unveiled at Israel’s Expo pavilion
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„Out of 150 participating countries, we view Israel as one of the 15 countries capable – if chosen – to lead the construction of the exhibition,” Expo Milano 2015 CEO Giuseppe Sala, the former director-general of Telecom Italia, told Yedioth Ahronoth.



„A delegation on our behalf will visit Israel soon in order to get to know the startup companies taking part in the bids,” he said.



Expo Milano will cover an area of 1 square kilometer (0.42 square mile) and will be built as a main avenue simulating an ancient Roman city.



According to Technologies and Operations Manager Valerio Zingarelli, „Each visitor will receive a smart card with the details of their profession and interests, and as they walk around the city, they will be identified by sensors and the walls will present them with updated information.



„We must be ahead of our time and understand the technologies which in three years will still be considered revolutionary.”



According to Tami Ziv, the economic attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Rome, Israeli excellence should be expressed during the exhibition.



„Arid-zone agriculture, wise use of water, renewable energies – all coated with a futuristic technology – could lead the involved Israeli companies toward new and original ideas,” she said.