El Al removing toilet from Boeing 737

Elimination of one lavatory to allow addition of three seats on company’s 12 Boeing 737-800 planes
Danny Sadeh

El Al Israel Airlines began adding seats to its 12 Boeing 737-800 planes this week. The project includes an addition of three to six seats in accordance with the aircraft’s current configuration.



The addition of seats will be made possible following the removal of one of the crew’s storage locations and one of the toilets on aircraft with three lavatories at the back of the plane.



It should be noted that the removal of the third toilet in nine of the company’s 12 Boeing 737 planes will not put its passengers in a disadvantageous position compared to the passengers of other airlines.



Every airline in the world operating Boeing 737-800 planes has only two lavatories in the back, including companies like Delta Air Lines, SAS, American Airlines, KLM, Qantas, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines.