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New post on Israel Defense Forces








IDF Snipers: Seeing Everything While Hidden from Sight
by Israel Defense Forces

IDF snipers are some of the world’s best, training for years to perfect their skills and accuracy. Today, we give you a rare look inside the lives of two elite snipers, Manor and Izar who serve in the Givati’s Brigade Reconnaissance Battalion.


„Being a sniper is different from any other profession in the army,” says one of the snipers, Manor, „and the training validates this statement – during training, we are required to accurately shoot a 10 cent dime.”

The two disprove the myth that a sniper’s work is only to shoot and aim. As Izar describes, „before pulling the trigger, we make a lot of preparations – from choosing the right weapon and equipment to selecting the perfect camouflage clothing.”

A critical component of the work of the snipers is camouflage, and IDF snipers are some of the world’s best in this field. Relying on experience they gained in the field, IDF engineers work day and night to improve the snipers camouflage capabilities using innovative and cutting-edge technology.


„Nothing compares to the feeling a sniper has during an operation. While you’re watching your target from miles away and studying his every move, he is completely unaware that he is being watched” says Manor.

The two agree that in order for a sniper to excel, he or she must have unique characteristics that distinguish him or her from others; „A good sniper is required to be calm, think fast and have good mathematical and analytical abilities in order to calculate the direction of his shot; a good sniper is always a sniper, long after his days in the army” said Manor and Izar. Our IDF training assures that even after discharging from service, we will still be on call – using our abilities and experience for the secuirty of Israel’s civilians.”